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Gotta Have It | Stuff-A-Burger Press

I’ve been meaning to try the ‘Stuff-A-Burger’ press for about four years now.  Finally got around to it and now realize that I’ve wasted four years.  All of us at dinner thought that they were The Best Burgers We’ve Ever Had.  Wow.  High praise.  Something about the stuffed, integral cheese, made these burgers ridiculously juicy and delicious.  Now, to be fair, we were using premium Carbon Del Sur lump charcoal, top-shelf cheddar cheese and hand-raised Alberta Beef.  So, these probably were never going to be sawdust burgers but still – this gizmo took things to a new level.


How To Use the Stuff-A-Burger Press

Using about 1/2 of a pound of ground meat, form the base of the burger and build a reservoir in the base using the press



Stuff the burger with your chosen ingredients (we used cheddar cheese for the maiden voyage, next time:  blue cheese and grilled onions)



‘Cap’ the burger with about ¼ pound of beef and tamp the lid down using the press.



You’re ready to grill. Are these burgers on the large side?  Yes, they are.  ‘Huge’ in fact.   But hey, that’s a small price to pay for burger excellence.  What I loved about the burgers was how they held together on the grill.  Often, hand-formed burgers can fall apart on the grill.  Not these cheesy, delicious, mega-meat-pucks.




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