FAQ What's the best BBQ?

Dear Doctor,
I’m thinking of getting a new barbecue soon, what’s the best barbecue available?
-Chad in Toronto

Chad, I get this one a lot.  And it seems like a weird question to me. Would you ask; “What’s the best car available”, or, “What’s the best house I can get”?  Like cars and houses, barbecues are built in different styles for people with different needs.  Some barbecues are built for high heat grilling and some for low, slow roasting.  Some barbecues are built for cooking a wide variety of foods at the same time and some are built with only one controllable heat zone.  Some barbecues are built to look super cool on your deck while others look like they were designed by a bunch of myopic, shut-in engineers after an all night study session for their Fluid Mechanics finals.  So, what might be best for you might not be best for someone else. 


In general, we feel that all the brands we sell in our store offer the best value available.  After we help you determine what your particular needs are, we can then tell you what’s “best” for you.
Sincerely, The Doctor


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