Perfecting Your Patio

Barbecues Galore 2017 Patio Collection

Every year, our patio purchasing geniuses gather around a fire table, get cozy and decide what out patio furniture collection is going to look like for the upcoming season.

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What To Consider When Selecting Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is the perfect way to make your backyard a living space. From fire tables, seating sets and even umbrellas, we've got it all! Here are a few things you should know to help you select the right patio furniture for you.

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Upcoming Patio Trends

Ross's Backyard with Mallin DakodaMake the most of your patio furniture by ensuring it's fresh and stylin', making you the envy of the neighbourhood. Trends are constantly changing in the patio world, so here are a few elements to consider when picking out your next set.

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Cleaning Your Patio Furniture

Clean your patio furniture cushions using mild dish soap

We've compiled the easiest steps for getting your patio furniture cushions cleaned and ready for winter storage. Follow along and we'll help keep that new patio furniture of yours looking great year after year.

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Umbrella Tips

Umbrellas are a great addition to any patio set or backyard, but there are some things we think you oughta know about them... Safety First.

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Creating Your Outdoor Room

Creating an outdoor space can be the perfect opportunity to extend the comfort of your home, but may also be an intimidating task. We have a few points to help you on your way to designing an amazing patio, backyard or deck.

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What Is The Best Grade of Fabric For Patio Furniture?

Outdoor Upholstry Fabric for Patio FurnitureHigh quality patio furniture fabrics are graded. Counter to typical grading conventions, ‘A’ is the lowest grade – not the highest.

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When Should I Buy Patio Furniture?

Mallin Eclipse Sun Linen Slate with Aqua Cantilever Umbrella and Outdoor Greatroom Uptown fire table

In short: now. 

We've just received all of our new patio furniture for this season and it is gorgeous. We've got some very unique styles and arrangements. The only trouble? Once it's gone - it's gone. So, if you're looking for furniture for this spring and summer - hustle in now.

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