GrilL roasted eye of round recipe How can you keep the barbecue train rolling in the winter? Cooking cuts like the eye-of-round allows you to stay indoors, while your meat is roasting low and slow outside, especially if you have a remote thermometer! Give this delicious recipe a try this winter!

January 09, 2017

Grill Roasted Eye-of-Round

Steak and King Crab For Two Recipe

In this recipe we’re bringing together the best of the land and the best of the sea, in a beautiful meal: surf and turf, Steak and King Crab!

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The Viking Burger Recipe

 Fill the bottom of your burger bun with yummy, crunchy cabbage, next, the frikadeller burger, then top with a healthy dollop of the dill sauce and some fresh dill

The Viking Burger: a construction of Danish awesomeness. Wherein, we craftily combine the power of the Danish meatball (frikadeller) with slithery, ‘pickly’ red cabbage…

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Simple Spiced Brisket Recipe

Slice that bad boy up and eat it.

“Ohhh, yeah. That’s a nice hunk o’ brisket you’ve got there.” See? That’ll be the reaction you’ll get when you christen your grill for the Spring and cook up some tender, flavourful, spiced brisket. Serve on its own, or on some nice soft buns (he he… we said “soft buns”) with a heaping scoop of coleslaw. Also, beer. You’ll definitely want a beer. Don’t necessarily count on your neighbourhood Giganto-grocery to have brisket in stock.  Better to call your local butcher. In Calgary there are lots of great butchers – try Master Meats if you’re near our North store. In Oakville, I’d head over to Florence Meats. Read more

Rye Barbecue Sauce Recipe

 Put that sauce on your food. On your steak, on your chicken, on your pork

This easy-to-make Rye Barbecue Sauce is packed with tangy BBQ flavour, and goes well with just about any meat. The addition of sriracha adds a nice bit of heat, but if you’re not up for it, just omit the spicy sauce. Featured in our October 2014 edition of the Hot Line. Our world-renowned monthly newsletter. If you aren't subscribed yet, you are definitely missing out. After you make this sauce, go sign up. Better yet, do it now before your fingers get all sticky. Yeah, that's right. We know you'll be taste testing it along the way.   Read more

Char-grilled Steak with Grilled Corn Salsa Recipe

Place the steaks on serving plates and top with salsa. Eat.
This Char-grilled Steak with Grilled Corn Salsa recipe is perfect for a hot summer day (you remember those, right?) or a cold winter’s night (if you’re into that kind of thing). Yeah, you technically have to make two different recipes, but since you’ll be spending such a long time lighting your grill (we’ll only judge you a bit if you decide to forego the charcoal grill this time), you’ll have plenty of time for prep work. Make sure you’ve got a handful of tortilla chips ready to scoop up the rest of that salsa, which could also be considered a salad for those of you who need some “roughage” at dinnertime.
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Spiced Coffee Rub Recipe

 Spiced Coffee Rub

This spiced coffee rub recipe is really easy to throw together and tastes great on beef, chicken, or pork. One batch easily makes enough for about 6-8 steaks, so go ahead and store any leftovers in an airtight container for a couple of months; that way you’ll have it on hand for last-minute grilling. Read more

Guinness Marinated Steak

Guinness Marinated Steak - When in doubt, drink the stout. It’s slightly more authentically Irish than the green variety and goes perfectly with this recipe. Just remember to buy more Guinness than the recipe calls for. You know, so you can stay, er, hydrated while the steaks are on the grill.

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