To mark this joyous month of peachy deliciousness, we decided the only way to honour Princess Peach was to bake a tasty peach cobbler on the barbecue. We are huge fans of cast iron bake ware, and it is the perfect receptacle for baking crumble in whether you choose to make it in the oven or on the grill. 

August 26, 2017

Peach Cobbler on the Barbecue

Life's A Peach Cobbler Recipe

Peach Cobbler is a classic dessert. It’s best known for being enjoyed in the Southern US, on wrap-around porches, by southern belles while sipping sweet tea. Here in Canada, we grill our cobbler, enjoy it in igloos, and wash it down with an ice-cold beer. It’s amazing how different we are, culturally, eh?

Lifes A Peach Cobbler Recipe | Barbecues Galore

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Turkey Fryer Kettle Chips Recipe

Barbecues Galore | Turkey Fryer Kettle Chips RecipeIt's impossible not to like chips. They're crunchy, salty and remind us of all those great days of snacking with friends and family. Cook up these homemade kettle chips to wow everyone you know with savoury treats straight from your kitchen! Read more

Smokin' Scotch Eggs Recipe

Smokin' Scotch Eggs Recipe | Barbecues GaloreThese compact, protein filled, delicious bites are a crowd pleaser! Incorporating eggs, sausage, bread and cheese, what more could you want? Read more

Blueberry Coconut Grilled Tarts

Hey there, December. We accept your cookies, cakes, and other treats, and raise you some grilled pies. Little personal ones that you can eat multiples of, and that allow you to keep the oven free for turkey, ham, turducken, and turduckhamburgerwings.  Read more

Meatless Monday - Grilled Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

Stir fry is the ultimate weeknight dinner. Throw whatever veggies you've got in your fridge in a pan, cook up some protein, add your favourite sauces and spices and that's about all there is too it. Step your stir fry up a notch by grilling your veggies. Switch up your typical protein (mostly chicken) for tofu - and bam! Meatless Monday in no time at all.

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Carolina Mustard Sauce Recipe

Whip up a batch of this goodness for all of your chicken, pork, and saucy needs. It’s especially good on a pulled pork sandwich, just sayin’.

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Apple Cider Barbecue Sauce

Home Made Apple Cider Barbecue Sauce on Chicken

Like we said, why just drink cider when you can cook with it too? Pop open a couple bottles of apple cider, and make a batch of this Apple Cider Barbecue Sauce; it’s awesome on chicken, but goes great with pork, too. Cue stomach grumbling… Now, it’s time to get cooking with your cider. We are full supporters of the “one sip for me, one for the recipe” method, and we highly suggest trying out a locally made cider. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Surely that applies to cider, too… Read more