Food For Thought

Sake-Glazed Grilled Duck Breasts

Now that you’re all turkey’d out, it’s time to get your hands on some breasts (hehe… we said “breasts”); duck breasts, that is. This tasty fowl is not so foul, and we think it’s a pretty awesome option in lieu of red meat or boring old boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Sake-Glazed Grilled Duck Breasts Read more

Blueberry Coconut Grilled Tarts

Hey there, December. We accept your cookies, cakes, and other treats, and raise you some grilled pies. Little personal ones that you can eat multiples of, and that allow you to keep the oven free for turkey, ham, turducken, and turduckhamburgerwings.  Read more

Meatless Monday - Grilled Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry

Stir fry is the ultimate weeknight dinner. Throw whatever veggies you've got in your fridge in a pan, cook up some protein, add your favourite sauces and spices and that's about all there is too it. Step your stir fry up a notch by grilling your veggies. Switch up your typical protein (mostly chicken) for tofu - and bam! Meatless Monday in no time at all.

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Grilled Garlic Mushrooms Recipe

Grilled Garlic Mushrooms RecipeThis recipe for grilled mushrooms packs a garlicky punch, and makes for a great side or appetizer! Ditch the stove and use your skillet on the grill to prepare this delicious concoction. Read more

Grilled Naan Bread Recipe

Grilled Naan Bread Recipe Barbecues Galore

Not all of us are lucky enough to have access to a tandoor oven, so a good old barbecue will have to do the trick today. If you DO have access to a tandoor oven, we are very jealous and spiteful and don’t particularly feel like dealing with you and your “fancy tandoor oven” because you’re “better than us” and prefer to have “authentically” cooked naan bread.

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Friday Lunch is Back with Radha's Famous Pizza

Radha's Homemade Greek Pizza

Radha knocked it out of the park this year by treating the Calgary North staff to her homemade pizza. She made her own dough, and her own sauce, and then grilled it all to cheesey perfection on the Broil King Keg. Needless to say, Friday afternoon was pretty unproductive around here, as we were all in a heavenly pizza coma.

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