Tips for gas lines and a must read book

Tip #1 (BBQ related)

If you need a natural gas line - call us. That's right; we can come out to your house, and make sure that you have a never ending supply of nature's wonder fuel, zipping out to your deck so that your barbecue can run 24/7. Or, we can extend gas lines in your house for your fireplace, oven, or your natural gas powered popcorn popper. Surprised? Don't be. Our installers go away to school for what seems like a crazy amount of time so that they're qualified to do this work.

Tip #2 (Non BBQ tip)

Go find and read what is easily the world's best graphic novel ever written about North Korea: Guy Delisle's 'Pyongyang'. We found it when researching Korean barbecuing (see yesterdays post). A fascinating travel documentary from one of Canada's best. His book on Burma is fascinating too but I'm not sure we're ever going to have a Burmese posting (grilled Python anyone?) so you'll have to remember to pick that one up when you find the Korean book.