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The Hot Line | Falling For Apples

Fall is fast approaching. The best part of fall are all of the delicious foods! The pumpkin and apple everything that starts cropping up across the country in just about every fast food joint you can find.

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The Hot Line | Reef & Beef

Barbecues Galore Hot Line | Surf and Turf (Reef & Beef)

Ah, surf and turf – the epitome of fancy feasts the world ‘round. The dish combines both surf, and turf, as the name suggests, and is still popular, despite peaking in the 1960’s and ‘70’s as a Mad Men-esque meal that – to this day – puts a tuna casserole to shame.

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The Hot Line | Strike While The (Pie) Iron's Hot

If you're a camper, a wood firepit owner, or just plain love cooking over an open fire, then you gotta have a pie iron.

Great for all of those ooey gooey treats that would make a mess of the fire, a pie iron expands your campfire cooking abilities. 


Pick one up for the long weekend and make some  yummy treats. 

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The Hot Line | Boozy Barbecue Bliss

This month we’re chatting about booze and barbecue. Take that however you want: maybe cooking with liquor, pairing drinks with barbecue. You choose.

Guys drinking while grilling on a Weber barbecue

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The Hot Line | Let The Good Times Roll

This edition touches on some products that are ready to roll. Find out why a portable barbecue and a rotisserie can improve your quality of grill life.

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The Hot Line | Taters Gonna Tate

Barbecues Galore Newsletter | Taters Gonna Tate Potatoes are a beautiful thing. You can roast ‘em, fry them, boil ‘em, mash ‘em… make shrunken heads (no voodoo required!), or go all Martha Stewart and make potato stamps (no prison time required!).

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The Hot Line January 2016 | Duck, Duck, Grill

Welcome to the Year of the Duck. Or, no, it’s the Year of the Monkey, isn’t it? We don’t know. Either way, we’re going to call it the Year of the Duck because duck is damn delicious and we’re not all that interested in cooking up a monkey loin. Or breast. Or whatever it is one would cook on a monkey. 

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The Hot Line December 2015 | Eyes On The Pies

The pie is an iconic dessert. Heated debates have been held over preferences between crust and filling, and they seem to pop up at every big celebration. This December, we share our thoughts on the special treat.

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