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Food For Thought | Booze and Barbecue

This month we’re chatting about booze and barbecue. Take that however you want: cooking with liquor, pairing drinks with barbecued goods, drinking while grilling…


We suggest that last one takes place in moderation; otherwise, you’ll be rocking some pretty bad-ass grill marks. On your face. Who knows, though. That might just be the next trend, so maybe don’t write it off entirely. 


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Guys drinking while grilling on a Weber barbecue

Recipe | Tequila Lime Chicken Wings

Remember that time that we told you to make a margarita while you grill these beauties up? OH, YEAH. Now is the time to break out that cocktail shaker, friends. While you’re at it, make an extra drink for us, too. We did share this recipe with you, after all. It’s the least you could do. 


Let's Wing It

 Tequila Lime Chicken Wings Recipe

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