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June 2006 Barbecues Galore Birthday

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           Hard to believe that we’re into June already.  Thanks to you, our stores have been extremely busy and the Spring has flown by so far this year.  Spreading the gospel of barbecue is hectic at this time of year but hey, it’s a lot more fun than selling life insurance.                      Happy Grilling, Barbecues Galore







Birthday Sale – Calgary Only


We’re 27!  Not the most exciting birthday to be sure.  However, when we started selling barbecues in 1979, we never thought we’d still be growing in 2006. 

Every year we have a birthday sale.  Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows.  This year we’re hoping for some hot weather.  Once again this year, we’ll be cooking up some southern-style pulled pork sandwiches (courtesy of the generous and tasty folks at Alberta Pork).  In exchange for your ‘free lunch’ we’re hoping you’ll donate some money to the Calgary Firefighters burn treatment unit at the Foothills Hospital.  Lunch is from noon to 3pm.

And, you may well ask, “What’s on sale during this birthday sale?”  Well, this year we’re putting a collection of items on for half price.  This isn’t one of those “we never really sold any for full price so let’s put it on at a realistic price for once and call it half price” sales.  This is a gen-U-wine half price sale on some items that we’d like to see leave our warehouse.  Click on the following link for details if you’re interested.  Once again, this is for our Calgary stores only.   http://www.barbecuesgalore.ca/BBQ/frame.html.



Ron Schewchuk's Planking Secrets Book Signing Oakville Location 6pm - 8pm Wenesday June 14th 2006


Come out and meet Rockin' Ronnie Shewchuk the author of Planking Secrets. For more information on the event contact our Oakville location at (905) 844-3224 and for more information on the book or on Rockin' Ronnie himself visit his website. http://www.ronshewchuk.com/bbq/book.htm


Worst Barbecue in Canada Contest

As you may know, we’re in the middle of our third-annual, Worst Barbecue in Canada contest.  So far this year we’ve had some terrific entries but, to be honest with you, we haven’t had a lot of them which means – your chances of winning a new Broil King barbecue are really, really good if you enter the contest.  Hint.  Hint.  All you need is a clear, high-quality picture of your stink-o barbecue.  To enter, follow the instructions on our website:  http://www.barbecuesgalore.ca/BBQ/bbq_contest.html  

This month we have a few tips to pass along which should make your grilling more enjoyable this summer: Tip #1:  Clean your damn barbecue!  We’re not saying you have to make it look brand new or anything.  Just get rid of the majority of the residual grease now and then.  A build-up of grease greatly increases your risk of flareups which can ruin a perfectly good meal.  Unless you have a truly horrible barbecue (many of you do – we’ve seen the pictures), nagging flareups are caused not by what you’re cooking today but by what you cooked yesterday, last week and two years from Wednesday.  Clean out the bottom of your barbecue from time to time and your food will taste better.  It’s that simple.               

    Tip #2: Turn your propane tank on slowly.  Sounds weird but today’s propane tanks are a little paranoid.  If they suspect that there’s a leak they cut their flow down to about 10%.  Trouble is, they sometimes confuse being turned “on” with a leak.  We receive multiple phone calls each and every day from people thinking that there’s something suddenly wrong with their barbecue.  Most times they’re just turning their tank on too quickly.  If this happens to you, disconnect your barbecue from your tank, make sure your barbecue’s valves are in the “off” position, reconnect your tank and then, turn it on exaggeratedly slowly.  Works like a charm.



This recipe is courtesy of self proclaimed “King of the Q” Ted Reader.  He writes some terrific cookbooks - pick one up when you get a chance.  You should also check out his website at


www.kingoftheq.com.  We like this recipe mostly because it involves an entire bottle of rum.  Sugar cane skewers can be whittled out of sugar cane which you can pick up at many asian supermarkets.



Ted Reader’s Rum Soaked Sugar Cane Skewered Shrimp


Ingredients: 12 - sugar cane skewers 24 - super jumbo shrimp, peeled and de-veined, tail on 1 bottle - rum 1 cup - orange juice 2 tbsp. - ginger, minced 2 - jalapeno, diced 1 tsp. - cumin 2 tbsp. - rice vinegar 2 tbsp. - tarragon, chopped 3 tbsp. - bbq seasoning

METHOD 1. Soak sugar cane in the rum for one hour. Reserve rum and use for cocktails. 2. Mix orange juice, ginger, jalapeno, rice vinegar, cumin and tarragon. 3. Rub shrimp with barbecue seasoning and marinate for 15 minutes. 4. Preheat grill to medium high. 5. Remove shrimp from marinade and discard left over marinade. 6. Push two shrimp onto the end of each sugar cane skewer. 7. Grill for 2-3 minutes per side.


With Canadians’ increased interest in the outdoor room, we’re receiving lots of inquiries on outdoor firepits.  There are basically four kinds of firepits:  1.) a portable wood burner – typically ‘flying saucer’ shaped. 2.) a portable gas burning firepit.  More expensive than their wood burning cousins, these produce generous heat and provide the convenience of propane or natural gas. 3.) a traditional wood burning fireplace.  Like the one inside your house but…outside.  Can be finished in a zillion interesting ways. 4.) a gas burning fireplace.  Now you can enjoy the convenience of a traditional looking gas fireplace outside all-year round.  These appliances are built for life outside in Canada.                         

Don joined our team when we joined forces with Woods Fireplaces in 1996.  Don started with Woods in 1971.  As far as we’re concerned – he’s been around since they invented fire!  Don works in our South Calgary store and does a fantastic job managing their warehouse.  In addition, Don is one of the few people left in the fireplace business that can make you a custom fireplace screen.  In the winter he’s busy taking orders and making all sorts of unusual sizes and shapes of screens for wood burning fireplaces.  Don has been married to Nada since 1972.  They have two grown sons.  Don’s an avid Flames fan, Stampeders fan, stamp collector and can tell you anything you want to know about Taxonomy.  Seriously.

We’ve been seeing a lot of interest in the patio furniture we carry from CRP Products from Ontario.  Their Adirondack chairs, benches and other furniture is made from recycled plastic.  This heavy, comfortable furniture never needs painting or refinishing and comes in twelve cool colours that will never fade.  Check out this conscientious Canadian success story at www.crplastics.com.  



Congratulations to this month's winners of a quality three piece tool set:


Tracy Bell (Calgary South) Gail Chapman (Calgary North) Dan Ruginis (Burlington) Tim Bennett (Oakville)


Each month names are randomly drawn to win a quality three piece tool set valued at $59.99.

Claim your prize by stopping by the Barbecues Galore in your area with your photo identification.

Finally, we want this newsletter thing to be a two-way street. We interrupt your work day with a barbecue missive of miscellany, and you get to call us and have your questions, queries and complaints addressed. Email us at: help@barbecuesgalore.ca

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