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August 2006 | Charcoal Grilling

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Here at Barbecues Galore we’re passionate about barbecues.  Some would say that we’re downright religious about it.  So, when there’s a “revival” going on in the world of barbecue – we stand up and testify.  And now we’re here to testify about the power of charcoal. 


That’s right, it’s back.  Those time-sucking, inconvenient, hard to manage charcoal barbecues that you probably associate with hunger pangs and your dad drinking too much beer, are charging back into the mainstream.  

People like the smell, people like the taste, people like playing with fire.  It’s a natural fit.  So, for this issue of The Hot Line, we’re talking about good, old-fashioned charcoal cooking.

Sean from Barbecues Galore with a Big Green Egg

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