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December 2007 Christmas Turkey


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 December 2007

Put aside your fears that there are now fewer than 300 shopping hours left until Christmas morning. Relax! That’s not what Christmas is about – Christmas is about family, about being together, and about sharing, and we have tonnes of stuff to share in this issue of the Hot Line.

First of all, we have a superb barbecue turkey recipe that will save time and oven space on the big day, we have some tips on what to get those barbecue lovers on your Christmas list, and we also have a cranberry sauce recipe that will knock their stockings off. Plus, if all else fails, wow your visitors with a blazing fire and they’ll forget about the presents and food -- we’ve seen it happen. 

Oh, and as for the shopping – we’re proud to offer some of the most unique gifts, best parking, greatest variety of price-points and finest customer service throughout the Christmas season, on the off chance there’s anything left to get on the list.

Happy Grilling, Barbecues Galore



Brine your bird.  The latest buzzword in the barbecue world is “brining”.  Trust me: everybody’s doing it.  The brine is basically a flavourful, saltwater solution that locks moisture into your grilled meats.  It apparently (and I have to say “apparently” here because I haven’t actually tried this yet.  I will though.  Of course I will.  It’s on my list.  Hey, I’ve been busy ok?!  Oh, and I suppose you’ve tried everything you’ve ever written about at work have you?  Ok then.  Now, where was I?  Oh yeah...).  It apparently increases the juiciness of your roast meats and adds a perfect level of saltiness.  About the easiest brining instructions for a turkey we’ve run across are from Weber.  Check it out at:  http://www.rabbleandrouser.com/hotOffer/pdf/HowToBBQTurkey.pdf


What else could our recipe of the month be, except barbecued turkey using a turkey cannon (for information on the turkey cannon see below in “Gotta Have It”)?It really is a delicious way to prepare the centrepiece to the festive feast, and the advantages of using the cannon include more moisture within the bird, less cooking time, and an oven freed up for other things. You will need one bird, some herbs and melted butter to coat it, a turkey cannon, and some liquid to fill it – the best use yet for dad’s homemade wine!

  1.  Preheat the barbecue. Then, after cleaning the bird (check BOTH ‘cavities’ for surprise packages of innards) and drying it, prepare the turkey cannon by putting it on a barbecue worthy cooking sheet with edges (to catch the juice). Fill it with whatever liquid you choose.

  2.  With aplomb, delicately place the bird onto the cannon – this won’t hurt a bit. Though it can be a bit of a balancing act depending on the size of your bird. Breast and wingtips up.

  3. With your bird in place, the cannon filled with liquid, and the bird possibly tied down, rub the melted butter and poultry spices (sage, salt, pepper, whatever you like to use) all over the bird.

  4.  Turn off the inner burners of the barbecue (you don’t want direct heat under the bird – it’ll burn, turn the other burners down to medium or lower (the internal temperature of the barbecue should be hovering just above 300, and place the turkey onto the middle of the barbecue.

  5.  Because wing tips tend to burn, and breast meat cooks more quickly than the rest of the turkey, you may choose to put foil on the breast and wingtips. Remove the foil for the last hour or so of cooking so your turkey will look beautifully brown.

  6. Close the lid… if you don’t, Christmas dinner will be seriously delayed.

  7.  Baste the turkey frequently with juices accumulating in the pan, and also turn the turkey occasionally to ensure even cooking.

  8.  Test the turkey for doneness with a meat thermometer placed in the innermost part of the thigh. It should read AT LEAST 165 degrees F.


  9. Let the bird rest a while (foil it to keep the moisture and heat in), so that it can reabsorb the juices before carving.


  10. There isn’t much cleanup with barbecue meals, but when there are furry friends around to help like this guy, it goes even quicker!

BBQ CRANBERRY & APPLE Chutney By: Harold Holoboff, Sous Chef Deerfoot Inn & Casino

Seranda is a sweet young lady who is in charge of our purchasing department here at Barbecues Galore headquarters.  Her husband Harold is a talented chef that works at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino.  One night, after working through the business end of a bottle of Drambuie (ugh!), we dared him to come up with a barbecued cranberry sauce recipe for Christmas.  To be honest we didn’t think he’d pull it off.  After all, this is a world first; uncharted territory.  But, the man came through and produced an extremely tasty recipe for barbecued cranberry sauce.  It’s simply and doesn’t take long at all.  Grill it up a day or two before Christmas and present the sweet, smoky goodness to your guests on the big day.  We’re impressed Harold. 

Ingredients 600 Grams Fresh Cranberries 1 C.  Cran-apple juice 1 C.  Chicken or Turkey stock ½ C.  Diced Red Onion 1 C.  Diced Apple ¼ C.  Grand Marnier 1C.   Palm or Brown Sugar 1 T.  Ketchup 2 tsp  Dijon Mustard 1 tsp  Hot Sauce 2 T.  Worcestershire ¼ C.  Balsamic Vinegar ¼ C.  Sherry Vinegar 1/8 tsp Liquid Smoke 1 ½ T. Fresh Chopped Ginger 2  Cloves Chopped Garlic 1 tsp each Poultry Seasoning, Fresh Sage & ThymeSalt & Pepper




  Heat BBQ with cast iron roasting pan and add cranberries. Pan roast cranberries until their skin splits. Add remaining ingredients.

  Simmer 10 minutes until tender & sauce has thickened. Adjust seasoning to taste.


This month’s barbecue expert is Dallas Collin. Dallas has worked at our South Calgary store for just over a year and is one of our most valued employees.  Dallas’s dad Neil is a manager at the store and Dallas’s older brother Jesse used to work there as well (before he grew a beard, started reading philosophy and moved out to the West Coast to start a “hobby farm.)  Dallas describes himself as “the go-to guy for all the odd jobs.”  Translation: he’s indispensable.  Trust us; you can have dozens of people up in the ivory tower reading articles about brisket but, when a customer wants his barbecue professionally assembled and delivered, you need a guy like Dallas around.

Dallas, of course, lives to barbecue and currently has a full quiver of grills at home to use.  He’s got an older Shepherd gas grill, a Brander gas grill and a new Weber Performer that uses charcoal.  Dallas will try just about anything but his favourite has always been smoked baby back ribs.

As you can see from the photo, Dallas LOVES Christmas.  He’s keen on the seasonal music, digs getting presents and really, really enjoys turkey.  This year, after he’s done hugging the tree, he’s hoping to see some DVD movies under it – he’s a movie buff.  He, like many of our staff, has a fascination with the Turkey Cannon that borders on the disturbing.  Come into the store and get him to tell you all about it – before Christmas.


The Turkey Cannon True, the sight of it invites the odd slightly off-colour comment… but the turkey cannon is to turkey, what a beer can is to chicken, which, as anyone who has tried beer can chicken can attest, means a reliably delicious, moist, succulent bird. Because the heat and moisture are ‘delivered’, as it were, right to the centre of the bird, turkeys cooked on the barbecue this way tend to cook more quickly, so be aware and watch that thermometer. No need to rise at dawn on Christmas day to get that turkey cooking either. In fact, you can even wait for the sun to be well over the yardarm, enjoy a little bit of wine or beer, pour the rest in the cannon and THEN start to cook your bird. Now, THAT’S relaxing. Speaking of relaxing, you should probably consider a remote thermometer if you really want to relax with that wine or beer. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with the bird on the barbecue from the comfort of your couch – and you won’t have to keep lifting the lid every few minutes to find out.


Question: Where’s the least stressful spot in the whole Western World to do your Christmas shopping? Answer: Barbecues Galore – no lineups, loads of free parking, no crowds, competitive pricing (cookbooks at US pricing!), prewrapped toolsets, and gift baskets already made up etc.  Blah, blah, blah 10 Barbecue Gift Ideas for the barbecue people: - Everyone needs new tools – a brush, a silicon basting brush, the newest spatula, are always welcome; - Fun sauces to try are always a hit – and we have a huge variety; - How about a new cookbook – yes, sometimes it is worth following a recipe! - Why think small – what about a smoker, or a new barbecue?! - A charcoal chimney and some real charcoal to go with it? - How about a fun starter for charcoal barbecue. - Bowls and accessories. - Apron, oven mits, etc. Why launder the old stuff, when new stuff is all right here? - Remote thermometer - Barbecue cookbooks, like Stephen Raichlen’s Marinades book, or, or..  





Keep your eyes on your screens for next month’s issue of The Hot Line.  We’ll be talking all about grilled pizza.  That’s right, an entire issue dedicated to the art of making pizza outside.  And in January too!  I know, I know – we’re visionaries.


Send us a picture and/or story of you (or a friend of yours, or an enemy of yours) grilling and we’ll send you a $20 gift certificate usable in any of our four stores.  This month’s picture is from avid griller Reece Chandler of Scandia, Alberta.  Reece loves his Weber Summit 675 built-in grill.  It was the first green model sold in Alberta and Reece keeps it looking brand new.  Check out those steaks!  Those are bigger than most pizzas.  I suppose that, in Southern Alberta, there’s plenty more where that came from.




Sauce Prize Pack Prize pack includes a selection of hot cooking supplies. This includes our featured hot sauces, skewers, a basting brush, seasoning, a mitt and a wok. Congratulations to this month's winners:

Nick Perrin(Calgary South) Bonnie-Jean Chartrand (Calgary North) Peter Hosford (Burlington) Paul Craig (Oakville)


Each month names are drawn from those collected at each store and online to win. Claim your prize by stopping by the Barbecues Galore in your area with your photo identification.


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