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February 2008 Fireplaces

February 2008
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In this month’s issue of the Hot Line we’re talking about fireplaces.  Yep those flaming, hot things that stay inside your house.  But don’t worry – we’ll still find time to cook something… We have one company but we’ve got two names:  Barbecues Galore and Woods Fireplaces.  This wasn’t planned – it just sorta happened.  The two names came about after we bought the Woods fireplaces company in 1996; we originally intended to use the Woods name for a few years and then let it fade away into retail history.  Trouble is, the name wouldn’t die – it’s been in the fireplace business for so long that people kept referring to it ALL THE TIME.  So, like generations of strong business professionals before us: we just gave up.   And now we have two names.


In 1938, Woods Manufacturing Company was manufacturing cement fireplaces in Calgary.  Over the years the business changed and evolved but the focus on fireplaces was a constant. To this day, Woods stands for integrity and value in the Canadian fireplace industry.  


And a fireplace is something a lot of you are probably thinking about lately.  These are the days when the basement is cold and the tv room could probably use a little heat too.  Whether you’'re hoping to convert an existing wood burning fireplace into an efficient gas fireplace or you’re installing a fireplace into a new location in your home; we’ve got the products and the expertise to make your wish come true.

Barbecue Tipster 

This is a simple one but it bears repeating:  heat the space you use – not the space you don’t use.  You probably spend 80% of your time in your house in one or two rooms, right?  Well, then why are you heating the whole house?  Turn down the central heat and use a modern, high-efficient heater to heat the spaces that you’re actually spending time in.  Studies have shown that efficient zone heating can reduce your fuel bill by 20-40%.  Save energy, save money.

Recipe of the Month Fireplace PeppersThe theme of this issue of the Hot Line is fireplaces right?  So, we tried to include a recipe in tune with the theme.  Admittedly this is probably more of a “technique” than a “recipe” but, hey, why quibble?  The beauty of this recipe is not so much the results (frankly you can do this on the barbecue easier than in a fireplace), it’s in the reactions from your guests.  You will just plain freak them out with this one.  The key is to char the peppers enough so that the sugars in the peppers come to the surface.

With the help of your assistant, start your fire.  (Do I have to tell you at this point that this won’t work with a gas fireplace?  If I do, then please hit ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of this email...)

  Wash some sweet, shiny peppers.  Red, orange, yellow, whatever.

  Put them right into the fireplace.  Good idea to use tongs and some insulated mitts.

  After one side is black, flip them over.

  After the other side is black and they look completely ruined and disgusting, take them out of the fireplace.

  Rinse the ash and crud off of them quickly.

  Seal them up in a plastic bag while they’re still hot and let them steam in there for at least half an hour. Longer is better.

  With a knife, peel off all the charred bits and remove the seeds and stems.  It’s best to get as much of the charring off as possible but a little won’t hurt you so don’t get too anal about it.

  Add some olive oil......some balsamic vinegar... ...and some salt.

  Enjoy the yummiest sweetest peppers around.  These make a terrific addition to a salad or can be enjoyed on their own.  As you can see from the picture, the peppers reduce down considerably so, if you want lots to eat, you need to char a mess of peppers.

Meet the Experts


  Meet Bruce O’donnell, master gasfitter.  We’re proud to say that Bruce has been working for Woods for 5 years.  As many of our customers have told us over the years, Bruce does excellent work and is a true craftsman.  If Bruce is handling your fireplace installation you know it will be done neatly, on time and safely. Bruce and his lovely, lady Lisa have a getaway in the Crowsnest Pass and are both serious dart players. 

Gotta Have It





We carry a huge range of accessories for both gas and wood fireplaces.  Everything from decorative tool sets to functional wood holders in a wide variety of designs and styles.  One of the most popular items these days is a firescreen.  Many people are buying these as child guards to prevent children from burning their hands on the hot glass of a fireplace.  We’ve got a great assortment to choose from and can custom order an even greater variety if you wish.






  If you’re really trying to keep the kids away from the fireplace or stove, check out the “kid E gate”.  A terrific way to keep little hands away from the heat.  If only they would have had these when I was a kid – I could have barricaded myself in and fended off my brother for hours.

  Added bonus:  because we’d rather sell our existing inventory of fireplace accessories than wrap them up and put them in the warehouse for the spring/summer, we’re putting the whole lot on sale for 30% off – at all four stores.  Only until the end of February.
    Ask Dr.McGrillmeup

Dear Doctor McGrillemup, My gas fireplace has some some nasty white haze on it and I can’t seem to get it off, what’s the deal?  Get a picture of a hazy, dirty fireplace Signed, Unclear Dear Unclear, When natural gas (or propane) burns, it creates water as a byproduct.  During the startup of a gas fireplace some of this moisture gets left on the fireplace glass – creating a haze.  This haze is easy enough to clean off BUT you need to make sure you’re using a specific “glass fireplace glass” cleaner – regular window cleaners will only move the haze around.  As luck would have it, this cleaner is available at most of the world’s leading fireplace shops. Signed, Doctor M.
    The World of Barbecue Check this out:  some readers submitted pictures for our “World of Barbecue” section.  Remember, send us a picture of you and yours doing some grilling (or legally related activity) and we’ll send you a $25 gift certificate usable in any of our four stores.

Barry from Charlie Lake, British Columbia sent us this picture of his cookout in minus 27 degree weather.  Nice!  We gather from his headgear that Barry is a true believer in the ‘use the whole animal’ philosophy.  Good on ya Barry.

Some terrific “before and after” pictures of some cedar planked beef ribs submitted by Mike from Hamilton.  Looks to me like Mike knows what he’s doing around a barbecue.  Hadn’t thought of planking beef ribs before – we’ll have to try that.

(Note to self: open pictures from Mike after you’ve eaten lunch.)  
Kevin the Booze Guy

Whenever we can, we ask Kevin from J. Webb wines in Calgary (www.jwebb.net) to chip in with his opinion on our monthly theme.  This week he opines on wines by the fireplace... Riding solo – the lonely side of wine drinking  I’ve always believed that wines rightful place was on the table alongside a lovingly prepared meal. But some wines prefer to command centre stage, the French call them “vins de contemplation” and we sometimes refer to them as meditation wines. Some are too delicate and easily get lost in a meal while others are simply too powerful and dominate the most robust of foods. These wines are loners, refugees of the table - exiled to the realm of cold winter nights when you’re curled up next to the fire and in search of inner warmth. Here a couple of my favorite companions to keep you company on such a night.

2004 Shooting Star Zinfandel - California $17.95 – Zinfandel has had a hard life; mistreated in its youth when it was made to wear pink and sold to hoards of thirsty Americans craving a sweet, seductive blush. Now all grown up and back in its proper red attire, this Zinfandel is ripe and plumy with explosive raspberry aromas and hints of clove and Christmas cake spice; no meal is required to enjoy this juicy, delicious wine. 2006 Heartland Shiraz - Australia $17.95 – Poor shiraz. With its big jammy fruit and soft, flabby mouthfeel, it just can’t find any friends on the table. So you might as well pour a glass of this rich, seductive and overtly fruity wine and cozy up the fireplace with a good book. Let its silky, rich palate coat the inside of your mouth and stain your teeth while its heady weight brings a soft glow to your cheeks. You may want to keep the bottle close, so you don’t have to get up after that first glass slips so effortlessly down your throat.  
Clearance Corner   In each of our Calgary stores right now we have a new gas range from Dynamic Cooking Systems (www.dcsappliances.com).   We sell the uber-fantastic DCS barbecues and toyed with the idea of selling their interior product as well.  We were so impressed with the DCS range in the Hot Line test kitchen that we thought we should sell them in the stores.  However, sometimes even we make mistakes and this was one of them; we should stick to barbecues.  So now, our bad decision becomes your opportunity: these stoves are on super-sale as of today.  First come-first served, no rain-cheques, you snooze you lose, etcetera, etcetera. 

Natural Gas 30” Professional Dual Fuel Range (at North Calgary Store) • Four 16,000 BTU sealed outer Burners • One 17,500 BTU sealed center Burner • Sealed range-top • 4.0 cu. Ft. oven space • Convection Oven • 3 oven racks with 4 positions • Oven slider rack systems • Power: Gas cooktop / electric oven REGULAR PRICE $7000.00 CLEAR OUT $3999.99

Natural Gas 36” Professional Dual Fuel Range (at South Calgary Store) • Four 16,000 BTU sealed outer Burners • One 18,000 BTU center open grill • Sealed range-top • 5.3 cu. Ft. Convection Oven • 3 oven racks with 4 positions • Oven slider rack systems • Infrared broiler REGULAR PRICE $8019.99 CLEAR OUT $4499.99  
Next Issue

Next month's Hot Line will be all about the exciting world of skewers. Yes, skewers. No, I'm not kidding. Oh relax, it's worth what you're paying for it isn't it? Besides, it'll be good - trust us.
Monthy Winner  

Each month names are randomly drawn to win a prize pack. This month's winners get a pizza prize pack valued at $67.96. Claim your prize by stopping by the Barbecues Galore in your area with your photo identification. Congratulations to this month's winners of a pizza prize pack:   Ashley Paunins (Calgary South) Lise MacKenzie (Calgary North) Kathleen Dubea (Burlington) Janice Hafer (Oakville)  
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