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The Hot Line November 2008 | Green Grilling

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We all know the classic Kermit line "it's not easy being green". It holds some truth. Sometime it takes a concerted effort to make consciously green decisions.

Seems like everybody’s going all Kermit on us.  It’s like a new wave of political correctness, except this time the social pressure is all about your carbon footprint.  Drive a Hummer and you’re bad.  Drive a Prius and you’re good.  Trouble is, there’s a lot of shades of green aren’t there?  We’ve been getting a few questions about ‘green grilling’ lately so, in this issue of The Hot Line we’re going to add our measly two cents to the pile of information about grilling and the environment. 

The Hot Line November 2008 | Green Grilling - Kermit the Frog Eating Ribs

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