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December 2008
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Having folks over to your place during the holidays? Stressed? Weird, isn't it? I mean it's not like we're being carjacked or finding out that our teenaged son just signed up with the Moonies or something - it's just dinner. Still, there's something about having folks waiting for you to make their holiday experience "special' that is a bit nerve wracking. Frankly, we should all filch a few of dad's muscle relaxants, increase the rum to eggnog ratio and not stress so much about other peoples' expectations. After all it's just being together that's important, right? Right!? As usual, we here at Barbecues Galore are on your side. Read on for some holiday grilling and hosting tips that should make this December even better than last December.

Check this out. At Barbecues Galore we like to avoid overused, overhyped retail words like "free," "sale," and "bargain." We try to be straight-up and honest in any offer we make because that's the way we think our customers want things. So in the coupon below, when you read the word "free," what it means is - "free." Not the Papillion / political independence "free." More the 'costs you nothing / don't bring your wallet' "free."

Merry Christmas from 

   As a Christmas thank-you to all our loyal 'Hot Line' readers - we are offering a free (there's that word again) digital thermometer. This effective tool will quickly tell you when your food is cooked properly. Just bring in this coupon before the end of the year (December 31st, 2008) to one of our four stores and we'll hand you a Brander Thermo-Fork (retail price $19.99).

Barbecue Tipster
It's cold out. You need to heat your home. Maybe you've got a bunch of extra cash floating around (adopt me!) and you don't care about your heating bill. Probably though, you DO care about your heating bill. If that's the case ask yourself: are you heating your entire house when you spend the majority of your time in just a small part of it? Central heating is a great concept but, for most of us, using zone heating to heat smaller areas we use more often is much more cost efficient. Enter the gas fireplace. Today's fireplaces are a far cry from the chap, inefficient, feature-free metal boxes that many builders put into new homes over the last twenty years. Today's fireplaces are more efficient, more attractive, more versatile, and in the long run, can save you a pile of money on your heating bill.  

Recipe of the Month
Planked Pears This recipe is dead easy but different enough to make your guests think you might actually know what you're doing. Skip the Baked Alaska and serve something simple for dessert this Christmas. Ingredients: - Firm, ripe pears, - Melted butter, - Large grain sugar, - Some clean, food-grade planks. Pre soaked. - Ice cream to finish the dish.
Assemble your ingredients.
Cut the pears in half and scoop out the centers.
Brush with lemon so that the pears don't turn brown and look icky. This was the mother-in-law's idea and, like all her ideas, was pitch-perfect and presented with grace, wit and keen intellect.
Put the pears on the planks. Ideally, your planks will have been soaking under water for at least a few hours. A full day is best. For our recipe we used one cedar plank and two smaller white-oak planks. The smell in the backyard was heavenly.
Brush with butter because, well... butter tastes good.
Sprinkle with large grain sugar and some cinnamon. If you want to add to the complexity of the dish, this is a good time to add some additional spices such as clove, allspice, nutmeg, and so on. Hey, it's your dessert - you decide what you want on it.
Place the planks and pears on the barbecue. Use high heat directly under the planks. Once the planks start to smoke you can turn the barbecue down a bit so the pears don't char.
There should be lots of smoke in your backyard.
Once the pears are soft and smokey - take them off the grill.
Serve with some ice cream. Delicious.

Meet the Experts
Debra's the manager at our Calgary South Store on 58th Avenue. She's been with us for about three months and boldly states that "It's been the best three months of my life." Wow. We're blushing. Not surprised of course; but still blushing. She's from Ardrossan, Alberta - look it up. Debra's one of those smart people that will be cooking her Christmas meal on the barbecue this year. Her trusty Weber barbecue will be grilling 'Maple Glazed Ham' for her family. Yummy. She points out that, besides freeing up room in your oven, cooking the main course on the barbecue also gets some of the drunks out of the kitchen and into the great outdoors. Good point. Deb's favourite part of Christmas is the Christmas Eve traditions. She still puts out the decorations the kids (now in their 20's) made in kindergarten and the cookies for Santa. After the scene is set, she lays a good old-fashioned Pictionary woopin' on the rest of her family (have we mentioned she's competitive?). Debra's full of energy (impressed that I didn't say 'piss and vinegar?' Next time.) and, lucky for us, has injected a huge amount of that energy into our south store. Come and check it out.

Gotta Have It
Remember how I promised to quit talking about the Turkey Cannon last month? Yeah, well, I lied. Buy a Turkey Cannon so you can barbecue your turkey this Christmas. It's just better.
We sell Valor fireplaces. They're made in North Vancouver by Miles Industries. These clever British Columbians have found a bunch of Vancouverites that aren't too busy tending their "gardens" (how?!) and currently build the best gas fireplace in the world. Don't believe me? Come into one of our stores and check it out for yourself. They're built out of first-class materials, are as efficient as a Swiss railway and can be dressed up in a variety of styles that range from ultra modern to down-home. The best feature: they radiate heat as if a little chunk of the sun itself was bottled and installed in your living room (or kitchen, or basement, or bathroom or wherever else you choose to install one of these versatile units). Thinking of installing a fireplace in your home? Then you owe it to yourself to check out Valor (www.valorfireplaces.com).

Ask Dr. McGrillemup
Question Dear Dr. M: I want to cook my turkey on the barbecue this year but I'm worried about it drying out. Any advice? Signed M. Oyst
Answer: Dear M, Yes, your average grill is a drier environment than your oven. However, there are lots of ways you can cook your turkey in your barbecue that result in a super moist bird. Firstly, we highly recommend that you 'brine' your bird. Mrs. McGrillemup and I swear we'll never grill a bird without brining it again (see the previous newsletter on that topic in last December's Hot Line at www.barbecuesgalore.ca ) Secondly, adding a drip tray full of liquid to your grill will dramatically increase the humidity. Thirdly, many folks swear by 'injecting' their turkey before grilling it. Fourthly, baste, baste, baste. Finally - Turkey Cannon. Any or all of these methods will more than compensate for the reduced humidity. The result is a tastier bird, an oven inside the house that you can use for other things and a merrier Christmas experience for everyone involved. Hallelujah. Regards, Doctor M.

The World of Barbecue
Here are a few of the staff lunches we had around the shop during the past month:
Jen made grilled cheese sandwiches on the barbecue. Three types of cheese and our favourite bread - rustic sourdough from Calgary's Urban Baker (www.urban-baker.ca)
Trevor's grilled chicken (he used two types of Char-Crust dry rub www.charcrust.com - yummy), ceaser salad and grilled potatoes.
"Mr. Fancy Pants" Kevin cooked tenderloin in cream mushroom sauce (la-tee-da!)
Get this, Brian did pork loin on the rotisserie - with an infusion of Jack Daniels smoke. (You know, this job does have its perks.)
Remember, send us a picture and / or story of you and yours grilling and we'll send you a $25 gift certificate usable in any of our four stores. That is likely to be the easiest $25 you'll ever earn.

Something Different for Christmas
There's still time. If you need to arrange a unique Christmas gift for that special someone or group of a hundred special someones, you can still look like the hero. We can prepare unique, attractive, cost-effective barbecue baskets for you very quickly. We can hit a variety of price points, offer attractive volume discounts and can arrange reasonably priced delivery to just about anywhere in Canada. Don't you think it's time for something different? We have a variety of gift baskets in our stores leading up to Christmas but are happy to talk to you about custom orders in advance. Baskets may not be exactly as shown depending on product availability and customer preference. Please contact Debra at debrah@barbecuesgalore.ca with any questions.

Example # 1 Contents: Stainless steel toolset, porcelain enamel drip pan, long handle basting brush, non-stick grill topper with folding handle, and a 500 ml bottle of Cattleboyz Honey Hot barbecue sauce. Retail Price $50.00

Example #2 Contents: Non-stick round wok topper, set of 4 steak knives, stainless steel turbo marinade injector, scissor tongs, butane lighter, cleaning brush, a bottle of Bombs Away Wing Sauce, and a bottle of Gopher Guts barbecue sauce. Retail Price $50.00

Example #3 Contents: Toolset in metal case, stainless steel square grill topper, 2 stainless steel wine glasses, 2 steak knives, and a bottle of Perfect Steak barbecue sauce. Retail Price $100.00

Example #4 Contents: Stainless steel toolset, flat stainless steel grill topper, square stainless steel grill topper, turbo marinade injector, 2 stainless steel wine glasses, cast iron smoker box, 2 oven mitts, silicone hot pad, set of 4 steak knives, stainless steel locking tongs, meat thermometer and silicone basting brush. Retail Price $200.00

Monthy Winner
This Month's Winners Congratulations to this month's winners of a rub prize pack valued at over $70: Rhoda Baker (Calgary South) Marge Walz (Calgary North) Jeff Rodak (Burlington) Steve Struk (Oakville) Each month names are randomly drawn to win a themed prize pack valued at over $50.00. Claim your prize by stopping by the Barbecues Galore in your area with your photo identification.
Next Issue
Next month we're going to explore the Vietnamese grilling experience. We'll have tips, recipes and a special guest star. See you next month!

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