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Jan. 2010: Fireplaces

January 2010
Welcome If you can feel a draft on your toes if you're reaching for aunt Jennie's home-knit afghan to cover your shoulders, or you've taken that last desperate measure and police-taped your ENTIRE basement because it's too deadly cold to use, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you that WE SELL FIREPLACES! What difference can a fireplace make, you say? And well you might, if your only experience with fireplaces is with ones that are all light and no heat. But here, we take the business of home heating pretty seriously, and we have an impressive range of gas and wood fireplaces that will actually, wait for it, heat your home?! Imagine! And, for a limited time only we are offering a dynamite two-for-one deal: Buy one fireplace for the price of two and receive the second fireplace for no additional expense! Amazing deal. Cheers to a warmer 2010.

Fireplace Tipster
  True, there is no free lunch BUT the government WILL subsidize a fireplace installation - if it's completed (or at least the unit is purchased) before February 1st, 2010. The home renovation tax credit (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/hrtc/) applies to eligible expenses - including all fireplaces and their installation - of more than $1,000, but not more than $10,000. We still have enough capacity to install your fireplace before the end of the month. But hurry, our calendar is filling up fast.

Gotta Have It
Accessorize: Whether you are looking at gas fireplaces or wood fireplaces, as a gift or for yourself, we invite you to take a look at our extensive selection of accessories. We've got everything from grates, brushes and pokers, to gloves, ash bins and surround ideas. Why shop where the selection is limited (or where the store also sells garden hoses and snow shovels), when you can shop with us and know you're getting the biggest selection of accessories available from a wide range of suppliers? Seems obvious now, doesn't it?  

Meet the Experts
  This is Phil. Sometimes we call him Junior because there's another Phil that works here who's older and it just wouldn't work to call him "Senior" so... the Phil you see before you is Junior. Ironically, Junior is our senior fireplace installer in Calgary and we consider ourselves fortunate to have him as part of our crew. He is, in our minds anyway, Calgary's best fireplace installer. He's a licensed gasfitter, has loads of fireplace experience and has an appreciation for customer service that is truly impressive. Just today he came into the shop on a holiday. When I asked him what he was doing here he told me that there was a fireplace customer that needed their fireplace installed today and they couldn't arrange it for another time. So, Junior came in on his day off. The customer gave him a present. Wrapped it and everything. Customers LOVE Junior - sometimes it gets weird.

Recipe of the Month You know what I hate about this time of year? The absence of mandarins. It seems like, before Christmas, you can't make your way down the Safeway aisle without running into a Gibraltar-sized pile of mandarins and then, after Christmas, it's like they've all been diagnosed with fruit-leprosy or something. They're like Capistrano swallows. Can't find them anywhere. A tragedy is what it is. A predictable, happens-every-year, tragedy.
Anyway, on to this month's recipe. This month,we're going to make the so-named "World's Best Banana Bread" in the barbecue. And we're not doing this because the door fell off our oven. No, sir, we bake outside in -20c all the time - we're in the barbecue business. And this is how our banana bread turned out...
  I think we may have had the barbecue too hot... And THAT is this month's recipe. Stay tuned for more grilling greatness next month.

Ask Dr. McGrillemup
Question: Dear Dr. M, I have a gas fireplace that came with our new house but it doesn't seem to throw any heat - what's wrong? Signed, Mr. S. Hivering Answer: Mr. Hivering, You, unfortunately, have been saddled with a case of "builder-itis". That's when a home builder opts for a cheaper, less efficient product and hopes that the home buyer won't notice until it's too late. In many cases, home builders install non-efficient, decorative gas fireplaces that throw little, if any, heat. Most of these cheaper units come with tempered glass which doesn't retain and disperse heat like a unit with ‘ceramic' glass will. With some of these cheaper units a fireplace fan will help disperse heat more efficiently but, without ceramic glass and a proper heat exchanger, there's not a lot you can do to ‘fix' your existing unit. My suggestion: buy a Snuggie. Regards, Dr. McGrillemup  

The World of Barbecue Here are some of the lunches we've had in and around BBQ HQ this past month:
Perry fired up an old Broil King and barbecued ribs and cedar-planked potatoes. Delicious.
Greg cooked home-made burgers with some tasty sweet-potato fries that he made in an outdoor turkey fryer.
Sonya fired up our Napoleon barbecue and, with the help of some safety goggles, she made chili, cedar-planked nachos and cedar-planked chocolate chip cookies!
Stacy and Radha grilled some jerk chicken with rice and some Jamaican patties. Yum-yum. (They had to cook some of the meal in the warehouse because it was -30c outside.)
Ian wanted to use a charcoal barbecue so he fired up a Weber portable charcoal grill, put it on top of a Weber gas grill and cooked us the biggest hamburgers I've ever seen. No lack of iron in our diets that week.
We want to hear your grilling stories. If you send us a picture of you and yours cooking outside, we'll send you a $25 gift certificate that you can spend on anything (yes, even fireplaces) in any of our four stores. No strings attached. Just do it.

This Month's Winners
Every single month, we randomly draw four winning names (one per store) from our newsletter mailing list. We only post the winning names below so you've got to keep your eyes peeled each month. If you win, you can claim your prize by stopping by the Barbecues Galore in your area with your photo identification. Congratulations to this month's winners of a fire themed prize pack: Keilie Rensom (Calgary South) Margaret Forbes (Calgary North) Mike Scally (Burlington) Robert Hitchinson (Oakville)  

Next Month's Issue
  Next month we'll be talking about ‘romance and the barbecue'. We'll show you how to stoke the furnace of love with charcoal and chicken wings (metaphorically of course). Barbecued oysters? Maybe. Hot Grill-on-Grill action? Almost definitely. Stay tuned.

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