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The Hot Line May 2013 Finger Foods

The Hot Line May 2013 Finger Foods
May 2013
The Hot Line May 2013 Finger Foods I was listening to a lady on the radio the other day talk about how rare it is for a human stomach to actually burst from being overfilled. Not surprising I suppose. I mean, we’ve all tried. We’ve all experimented on our very own, defenseless little stomachs. Sometimes I think that every Thanksgiving and Christmas is just a collective ‘stomach expansion diagnostic’ where we check in on the elasticity of our collective gut: “Yep, I’ve eaten half a turkey, two pounds of sweet potatoes and a box of After Eights – If that doesn’t burst the old wineskin – nothing will. Now, where’s that egg-nog?”
It doesn’t have to be this way. Not every group dinner and public holiday has to give us stretch marks. Yes, this is even true of our barbecue gatherings. If we have to use an engine hoist to put our meal on the grill every time - there’s something wrong. As I suspect you know – I’m as much in favour of the ‘swing for the fences’ roast-hip of mastodon as the next guy but, every once in a while, it’s nice to be a bit more reserved with our grilling. The solution?: finger foods. That’s right, foods you can eat with your fingers. Appetizers. Hors d'oeuvres (god, that’s hard to spell). Amuse bouche. They all have a place on the grill too. Keep reading this issue of the widely respected but still amazingly well priced ‘Hot Line’ for more about finger foods and how you can make them part of your grilling experience. Speaking of fingers; it’s time to get your fingers on your shutter buttons – because it’s time for our not-even-close-to-world-famous Canada’s Worst Barbecue Contest. This is our tenth (and final) year of this contest. You could win a Broil King Imperial XL. See our new and improved website for details.
Spring’s been lousy this year eh? Horrible. The snow, wind and cold just wouldn’t let up. And so, we forgive you for not rushing into our stores to get your new patio furniture. Really, we do. But now’s the time; get in here. We have got some terrific looking, top-quality, patio furniture in all four stores right now – just waiting for a good home. As usual: once it’s gone – it’s gone. (Shown above – the funky “Baci” line of bistro sets. Male and female chairs can be determined by the presence (or lack) of tiny little bocce balls.)  

Barbecue Tipster The best part about grilling up finger foods and appetizers is that you don’t need any plates or utensils; and if you’re having people over for dinner, this means no dishes to wash (or smash, if you’re into the whole Opa! thing).
Keep it simple by making everything bite-sized, and have skewers or toothpicks handy. If you’re worried about your bite-sized items being too small and slipping through the grill, just throw some foil down under the food, or use one of these Vegetable Baskets to help keep everything in one place. Alternately, throw some Cajun Blackened Seasoning on whatever it is you’re cooking and just say it’s supposed to look like that.

Gotta Have It
Yes, we have grilling gloves and mitts to keep your fingers protected. We have rugged suede gloves for when you’re playing with your charcoal, heavy, rubber, food-handling gloves that look scary in an ‘annual exam’ sort of way and a terrific selection of grilling mitts to keep your precious fingers safe when flipping food (check out the ones with the silicon exterior and the soft, cotton interior – perfect).
Attention Ladies, He is newly single! Contact Calgary stores if interested.
As the Canadian summer reaches its feeble, spring fingers towards us, our ‘Deal of the Week’ promotion is in full swing. Until September, our stores have an essential barbecue accessory on super-duper-sale every week. Until Monday of next week, we’re featuring the 18 piece tool set seen above for half-price ($11.98). Crazy-deal. These sales can save you a bundle. The catch is: the sales are for one week only and, it’s first-come-first-served. Check out the heartbreaking work of staggering genius known as our Facebook page for weekly updates.
The flapjacks are coming… New for this year at Barbecues Galore – “The Stampede – All Griddle Barbecue”. If you’re responsible for flipping pancakes at a Stampede breakfast this year, this machine is a ‘must-have’. Lots in stock right now but they’ll move fast so come and get yours before Parade Day.

Recipe of the MonthProsciutto and dates and maple syrup – oh my! The ultimate finger food! This recipe’s sweet and salty combo makes the perfect pre-dinner bite; or if you want, just scarf down an entire plate of them yourself. Using prosciutto rather than bacon makes for a shorter cooking time, and a nice, crispy finish, but if you prefer to use bacon (like this guy), just reduce the temperature on the barbecue and cook the dates for a little longer. Grilled Prosciutto Wrapped Dates Recipe serves 4 (3 dates per person for an appetizer) Ingredients:
  • 12 dried, pitted dates
  • 4 slices prosciutto
  • Maple syrup
  • Flaked sea salt or chili flakes, optional
Step 1: Get your ingredients together and cut each slice of prosciutto lengthwise into three pieces. Preheat barbecue.
Step 2: Wrap each date with the prosciutto, and place it seam side down on a lightly oiled sheet of foil or a grill-safe griddle.
Step 3: Place the sheet of foil with the dates directly on the grill and cook for 6-8 minutes, turning once or twice to evenly brown the prosciutto. Just before removing the dates from the grill, drizzle maple syrup over them and turn to coat.
Step 4: Transfer to serving dish(es) and sprinkle with sea salt or chili flakes, if desired.

Ask Dr. McGrillemup Question: Dear Dr. McGrillmeup, I have a gas barbecue, but I want to get that nice smoky flavour that comes with using wood chips. Should I get a new grill, or can I just put wood chips right in my barbecue?Sincerely, Greg S. Mokey Answer: Dear Greg, I understand your problem, and the solution is much cheaper, and less hazardous, than getting a new grill or throwing wood chips in your barbecue. Try using a gas grill smoker box (like this one). It will give you the nice wood smoke flavour you are looking for, and you can use it just when you need it. Plus, you won’t have to have separate barbecues for each meal, which will save you a ton of money, and reduce your chances of becoming a barbecue hoarder. Regards, Dr. Grillmeup

The World of Barbecue
At our north Calgary store we just put the finishing touches on our new fireplace displays. The last unit has been finished with a unique slab of granite. It has an almost ‘leathery’ finish to it. Come on in and check it out.
Vince came into one of our Ontario stores and picked up a gorgeous, new Weber CEP310. Before he did, he strapped on his Dora apron and said goodbye to his old grill. Touching.
Harry from Burlington cooked his Easter meal on his Broil King Keg. We’re calling this shot: ‘Fish Eye for the Turkey Guy’.
John and his daughter are in Calgary but they’re also Broil King Keg devotees. They grilled a tasty pork shoulder on one of the three sunny days we’ve had since January first.
Kevin bought a Weber Q and stand from our swanky Oakville store. Not only are we sending Kevin a $25 gift certificate for his contribution, we are also awarding him with this month’s ‘Barbecues Galore Nature’s Broom Award’ for the impressively high vegetable-to-meat ratio on his grill.
Gourmet alert!: Nadine from Calgary sent us a picture of her rack. Of lamb. Expertly grilled on her Big Green Egg.
Send us a picture of you using your barbecue and we’ll send you a gift certificate for $25 that you can use in any of the stores in our massive, world dominating retail chain. That’s like….free money.

This Month's Winners
Every single month, we randomly draw four winning names (one per store) from our newsletter mailing list. We only post the winning names below so you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled each month. If you win, you can claim your prize by stopping by the Barbecues Galore in your area with your photo identification. Congratulations to this month's winners of a bbq wok, smoker box and wood chip pack:Maureen Schmal (Calgary South) Kevin Thokle (Calgary North) John Finnigan (Burlington) Nick Francone (Oakville)

Next Month's Issue
Next month we’re talking Thailand. See you in June.

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