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The Hot Line January 2016 | Duck, Duck, Grill


Happy New Year, friends!!

Welcome to the Year of the Duck. Or, no, it’s the Year of the Monkey, isn’t it? We don’t know. Either way, we’re going to call it the Year of the Duck because duck is damn delicious and we’re not all that interested in cooking up a monkey loin. Or breast. Or whatever it is one would cook on a monkey. 

 Ducks are easily one of the tastiest creatures in the bird world. They’re rich, don’t require much prep, and are much more delightful than crows, pigeons, or seagulls. Especially personality-wise. 

barbecues galore january 2016 newsletter - grilled duck

Added bonus: you can just grab one out of a local pond and call it dinner (note: by that we mean, look at a duck in a pond and say, “hey, dinner!” – we do not condone grabbing ducks out of ponds.). 

Okay, it’s becoming clear that all that egg-noggin’ over the holidays has gone to our noggins. Or at least the rum in said nog has. 

The moral of the story is that it’s a new year, duck is delicious, and it’s about time you grilled some up. Just make sure it’s not Donald. Or Daffy. Or any duck with a name, for that matter.


Yes, grilling in the winter is chillier than grilling during the summer.  However, winter grilling does have its advantages:

Tip #1:  

Nothing cleans a grill better than a barbecue brush dipped into a snowbank before it’s applied to the hot grill.  Something about the snow melting as it hits the grill – your barbecue will never be cleaner.

barbecues galore winter grilling tips 

Tip #2: 

When you’re planking salmon in the winter – your solution for what to do with the leftover, smoking plank is only as far away as the nearest pile of snow.  This is Mother Nature’s way of saying:  “Dude, sorry about the frostbite and everything.  I’ll make it up to you by allowing you to throw smouldering wood over your shoulder without worrying about burning your neighbour’s house down.  We’re square right?”

On that note, check out these über-dedicated grill masters. 

Winter Grilling in the snowSnoeman bikinis next to barbecuesman grilling shirtless in the winter

Gotta Have It

We’re big advocates of using your barbecue or smoker year-round, but it isn’t exactly pleasant running out in -20°C in a t-shirt to check the temp on the grill every 5 minutes.

Maverick ET735 Wireless Bluetooth Digital Thermometer Barbecues Galore January newsletter

This is one job you’ll be happy to have a robot take over- you can cozily check the temperature via an app on your phone from within your home using this Maverick Wireless Thermometer.Let’s just hope robots don’t start driving cars or washing floors, otherwise we’ll all be in big trouble soon! Oh right… 

Recipe Of The Month

Sake Grilled Duck Breasts

Barbecues Galore Sake Glazed Grilled Duck Breast recipeNow that you’re all turkey’d out, it’s time to get your hands on some breasts (hehe… we said “breasts”); duck breasts, that is.

This tasty fowl is not so foul, and we think it’s a pretty awesome option in lieu of red meat or boring old boneless, skinless chicken breasts. 

Make This Recipe

Ask The Doc

Dear Dr. McGrillemup,

Can I grill duck straight on the grill like I do chicken? Sure it’s a bit cold out but I’d rather barbecue  in -20 degrees than stand over the oven.



Pan Seared Duck Breast

Dear Steve,

I’m not going to tell you that you can’t grill duck… but give our pond-dwelling friends the respect they deserve and cook them over indirect heat. Try pan-searing duck on the grill (see recipe, above). You’ll appreciate the flavor more, and you can use the leftover duck fat to cook potatoes, veggies, or to drizzle over popcorn. 


Dr. McG

World of Barbecue

Lots of excitement around our stores this past month:

Trevor got a new hat

Barbecues Galore employees holding up a gas firepit while someone works below it.



The boss wasn’t himself at the last staff meeting…Rumour has it he was barking orders.

Stuffed Dog in Barbecues Galore boardroom leading staff meeting



Linda & Bob from Guelph sent us this photo of their new Broil King Monarch 340. We think Bob approves of the new grill ... 


Dave cooked bacon wrapped hot dogs for our fireplace installers but, tragically, ran out of buns…

barbecues galore staff lunch eating hot dogs straight off the grill



James from Calgary sent us this photo of his shiny Broil King Baron S590Those are some good lookin' steaks there James. Funny... I don't recall getting an invite. 



We had a drug sniffer dog visit the south store with his owner.  The dog seemed ‘professionally interested’ in one of the employee’s pockets but left with a handful of treats and a new Broil King Baron barbecue.

drug sniffer dog visits barbecues galore calgary south store



Peter keeps warm while using his Napoleon P500RSIB with a little help from his Big Sky FirepitNone left right now, but you should probably get one in the Spring.  



Sonny grilled us some Vietnamese pork for lunch.

sonny grilling vietnamese pork for barbecues galore staff lunch



Solveig used the Chuckwagon griddle to cook a LOAD of sweet potato fries and black bean burgers.

sloveig makes black bean burgers and sweet potato fries for barbecues galore staff lunch

 Send us a picture of you using your barbecue and we’ll send you a gift certificate for $25 that you can use in any of the stores in our massive, world dominating retail chain.  That’s like….free money.

This Month's Winners

Every single month, we randomly draw four winning names (one per store) from our newsletter mailing list.  We only post the winning names below so you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled each month.  If you win, you can claim your prize by stopping by the Barbecues Galore in your area with your photo identification.

barbecues galore smoking gift basket

Congratulations to this month's winners of a Smoking Gift Basket.


Oakville  Eric Ellison

Burlington  Fabio Romano

Calgary North  Doug McLean

Calgary South Tad Bartkiewicz