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Food For Thought

Potatoes are a beautiful thing. You can roast ‘em, fry them, boil ‘em, mash ‘em… make shrunken heads (no voodoo required!), or go all Martha Stewart and make potato stamps (no prison time required!). 

Not sure how to best cook your taters? Ask one of our handy-dandy staff – they’re potato fiends (each and every one of them! It’s actually a bit of a problem…), and they have an endless stream of suggestions. 

Barbecues Galore Newsletter | Taters Gonna Tate

More on these 'spudly' fellas.



Turkey Fryer Kettle Chips

We don’t know who this Miss Vicky character is, but she’s got nothin’ on us.

After you’re done cooking up your weekend turkey (that’s a thing, right?), throw some potatoes in the fryer. You’ll have your own potato chip empire in no time.

Side note: you don’t actually have to fry a turkey as well; you can just do the chips. It’s up to you.

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Photo Scavenger Hunt - NEW

Want $20, you're going to have to work for it. In the first newsletter of each month we will post a photo you need to submit to get the prize.

Send your photos to
query@barbecuesgalore.ca by April 30th. April: A photo of you using one of your new or favourite - or new favourite - accessory from Barbecues Galore. Like this photo of Renee using her Looftlighter

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