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Cow and dolphin jumping out of the water.

Canada's Best Burger Photo Contest

Food For Thought | Surf & Turf

Ah, surf and turf – the epitome of fancy feasts the world ‘round. The dish combines both surf, and turf, as the name suggests, and is still popular, despite peaking in the 1960’s and ‘70’s as a Mad Men-esque meal that – to this day – puts a tuna casserole to shame.

Roger Sterling and Don Draper from Mad Men eating lobster in bibs

Tip: if you want to impress your friends, call it “reef and beef” – it’s much more hip and happenin’. 

Recipe | Steak and King Crab For Two 

This month, we’re bringing together the best of the land and the best of the sea, in a beautiful meal: surf and turf, Steak and King Crab.

barbecues galore steak and king crab for two recipe

While the really good restaurants  tend to use filet mignon and lobster, really, any tasty red meat and crustacean will pair well. 


Not quite as majestic as, say, veal and Sea World-trained dolphin, but it’ll do.


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