Fatwood All-Natural Firelighter Sticks - 4 Pack

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We should start off with a nice little warning - MANY sexual innuendos can be made with this product! It's just far too easy. 

Fatwood Firelighter Sticks are 100% all-natural wood (pine tree wood, to be exact). But yes, we're sure many more jokes can be made with the all-natural wood...

Despite its hilarious name, Fatwood still works wonders on getting any fire started quickly and easily. To use, just place two sticks crisscrossed underneath the charcoal or wood you are lighting. Then, light the ends of the sticks and let the Fatwood do its job.


  • 100% all-natural pine tree wood with absolutely no chemicals added
  • No live trees were cut down to harvest this product (Bill Nye would be proud)
  • Takes just 2 sticks to get any fire started
  • Perfect for charcoal grills, campfires, chimeneas, pellet stoves, firepits, and as a gift for all occasions (just think of the look on the recipient's face when they unwrap their gift to find a pack of fat... never-mind)
  • To use, simply place 2 sticks crisscrossed underneath the charcoal/wood you are burning (then, just light the end of the sticks!)
  • Note - These guys are sold as individual packs which contain 4 Fatwood Firelighting Sticks (if you're looking for more, then go for the 2 lbs Box)

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