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This clear, leak detecting solution helps you to check all of your propane and gas hoses, connections, tanks, valves and more for sneaky punctures and cracks.

Apply the solution liberally to your hoses and valves and keep an eye out for bubbles. While bubbles may have been fun to play with when you were a 'wee tot' they are not fun in this instance. If you see bubbles, it's actually a bad sign. If the leaks are in your flexible hoses, then the good news is that these can be easily replaced. If the leaks are at your shutoff or part of the hard line, you will need to call a gas fitter. Lucky for you, we carry both hoses and gas fitters.

  • Quickly identify pinhole leaks in your gas hoses
  • Identify leaky valves on your barbecue or propane tank
  • Comes in handy 59 mL spray bottle for a mess-free use
  • Detects leaks of propane and natural gas, among many other gases

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