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Nothing but Brilliance. 

Crown Verity has allowed professional chefs and at home cooks alike to showcase their best for over 30 years, and they only continue to evolve. On those seldom days we get perfect weather in Canada, you shouldn't have to step inside for anything, especially away from the Crown Verity experience. Store, prep, cook, and clean all while basking in the sun on your patio. Relax with friends and family like a happy backyard griller while cooking like a Michelin Star Chef. Crown Verity is your ticket to cooking like a real pro.

Crown Verity Outdoor Kitchen Grills

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Crown Verity Infinite Grill Module Outdoor Kitchen at Barbecues Galore

expand your crown verity experience

Add burners, storage drawers, sinks, bins, and more.

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Crown Verity Accessories at Barbecues Galore

excellence is in the details

From your rotisserie to your cutting board, your Crown Verity grill deserves the best accessories to go with it.

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    Read how Crown Verity grills not only survived, but gave back to the Bohemian comunity after Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

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  • Should You Extend or Replace a Natural Gas Hose?

    Don't be limited by your gas line when you're placing your brand new Crown Verity. Read our blog post and find how you can place your new grill anywhere you want.

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    If you're going to cook a steak, make sure you do it right. That starts with knowing exactly whatsteak cut you're grilling. Learn how to identify the 5 steak cuts that you need to know.

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