Xtreme Heat Hot Sauce 4 Pack


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Have you ever spiked your friend's dinner with a splash of Ass Blaster? It can get a little weird, but it's totally worth it. This Xtreme Heat pack of hot sauces contains 4 delicious yet painful hot sauces. It can get pretty darn hot when you've got your hot sauces named after horrible experiences. The 4-pack will include small bottles of Devil's Revenge, Spontaeous Combustion, Ass Blaster, and lastly, the Hot Sauce from Hell.

If you think you can handle the heat, then test your taste buds and take the hot sauce challenge. Just make sure to keep some tissue nearby. You might experience a tear or two from these tasty buggers. 


  • Comes with 4 daring sauces: Hot Sauce from Hell, Devil's Revenge, Spontaneous Combustion, and Ass Blaster (our favourite!)
  • A couple drops of these guys and you'll be begging for water (so maybe just one drop then, eh?)
  • Perfect gift for that special someone who loves to punish their taste buds from time to time
  • Each bottle contains 75 oz of delicious pain and torture

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