DCS 36" Traditional Grill With Rotisserie - Propane



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The DCS 36” traditional grill with rotisserie is no laughing matter. Some would say that it is the cream of the crop in the world of barbecues. Others suggest it is the ‘pièce de résistance’ for their outdoor kitchen. While we would never disagree with those statements, we simply argue that it is the best of the best.

This grill will deliver to you on all fronts. Firstly, it comes in hot with its ceramic radiant heat technology paired with 3 of its precision ported, u-shaped, stainless steel burners which pump out 25,000 BTUs each. But wait, it gets hotter than that. The integrated 14,000 BTUs rotisserie burner will provide the most even cook on whatever you toss onto their high-quality stainless steel rotisserie kit. Not only that, but you’ll have your very own dedicated smoker tray and burner built into the grill for those low and slow cooking experiences. Lastly, it puts most other grills to shame due to its stunning exterior constructed entirely out of 304 grade stainless steel.

Needless to say, this grill packs quite the punch. If you have been searching for a grill which will give you the highest quality of grilling, then you’ve hit your peak.



  • Grill head can be built-in for outdoor kitchen or put onto cart applications (CAD36 Cart)
  • Reversible cast stainless steel cooking grids allow one side for greater sear marks and the other for enhanced grease control
  • Keep your food toasty on the heavy duty stainless steel warming rack
  • Designer metal control knobs – yes, designer, so pinky fingers up!
  • Stainless steel drip tray for easy grease management
  • Nine-volt battery ignition will last longer and get your grill started faster
  • ‘Smart-Beam’ grill light will expose every little imperfection with your cooking skills (we’re kidding; it’s actually quite a handy light for night-time grilling)
  • Ceramic radiant technology allows for more even heat distrubtion
  • Total cooking area is 879 square inches (including the warming rack)
  • Primary cooking area is 638 square inches – ideal for cooking for your lonesome self or your whole neighbourhood
  • Burn your eyebrows off with 3 heavy duty, U-shaped, stainless steel burners which dish out 25,000 BTUs each
  • Open your cooking horizons and explore the world of rotisserie with the 14,000 BTUs rear infrared burner (which includes the most top-quality stainless steel rotisserie kit around)
  • Built-in smoker tray with dedicated 3500 BTU burner will add smokey flavours to whatever you toss onto this beastly grill

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