Collection: Patio Heaters

We all love sitting outside with friends and family chatting up whatever conversation unravels itself. However, those joyful nights get a less enjoyable when everyone's shivering from the brisk wind and falling temperatures. With these patio heaters, you don't only extend your nights, but you can extend your whole patio season into the autumn months. Whether it's the exclusive Brander or Bromic patio heaters, hold onto the summer with a warm backyard your friends and family will love into the not-so-chilly-anymore nights!
Patio Heaters
  • Extend Patio Season

    Your patio is available to you year round, so why do you only use it for half the year? Make use of your patio year round.

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  • Extending Your Natural Gas Line

    Want your patio heater a little out of reach of your natural gas connection? No problem.

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  • Choosing A Fire Feature

    We know, there are so many beautiful fire tables out there, how do you know which one is for you? We've summarized some factors to think about when choosing a fire feature.

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