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Bradley Bisquettes - These bisquettes are for use in any of the three great Bradley smokers that we carry. Use them on their own or mixed with other flavours to give your next smoking project a unique flavour.

And please remember: for the best smoking experience, always give your Bradley Smoker Bradley Bisquettes. These clever smoking discs are specifically formulated for any of the Bradley smokers we carry.

  • Alder - have a light aroma and slightly sweet flavour that goes great with seafood like fish and chips go together. Alder bisquettes can also be used when smoking pork and poultry.
  • Apple - Bradley's apple flavor bisquettes produce a lighter, fruitier and slightly sweeter smoke than other fruitwood. Traditionally used when smoking pork and poultry, apple can produce some of the best smoked ribs you'll ever make! (Easily worth a posting on Facebook or a pin on Pinterest!)
  • Cherry - Your olfactory perception (aka your sense of smell) will tell you that cherry wood has a sweet and flavorful wood aroma. What your senses may not tell you is that these bisquettes pair perfectly with smoking chicken and cheese. (Just remember Uncle Clem's admonition about keeping temperatures low for cheese. Like he said, smoked cheese is delicious. Smoked puddle of cheese, less so. Cherry flavor bisquettes can also provide a mild smoked flavor for beef and pork.
  • Hickory - Hickory's full rich flavor is excellent for any meat. And just so you know, you can tone down its strong flavor by mixing hickory with oak flavor bisquettes.
  • Jim Beam - Bradley's Uncle Clem was hitting the bourbon so hard, they ended up with a huge collection of Jim Beam Bourbon soaked oak barrels. Uncle Clem was too loaded to take 'em back for a barrel refund so Bradley is recycling them as Jim Beam bisquettes. (There was talk of naming them after Uncle Clem, but it just didn't have the same cachet that the Jim Beam name has.) It's a branding thing, eh. And just so you know, these Jim Beam branded bisquettes are so rich in flavor, you can actually smell the bourbon essence still in them. Accompanying that heady aroma, is a full, rich flavor that's actually excellent for any meat.
  • Maple - Think SALMON and TUNA when smoking with maple wood bisquettes. The flavour is like that of a fruit-tree wood. It‰۪s mild and smoky and kind of sweet. It lends itself to most any kind of seafood and adds a pleasant layer of flavour to poultry, wild turkey, vegetables and cheese. (Caution, when smoking cheese remember: it doesn't like a lot of heat. Or as Uncle Clem said: Smoked cheese is delicious. Smoked puddle of cheese, less so.)
  • Mesquiteis strong in a good way. Popular in southern barbecueing, it's a strong and hearty flavor, it goes well with beef, wild game, pork, poultry and fish.
  • Oak - Think RICH as in full-flavoured smoker wood made of oak. It's excellent with wild game or beef. You'll also like it with pork and Wild Turkey. (We're referring to the bird, Ernie, not the mash.)
  • Pacific Blend - Think INSPIRED, as in: Bradley's chef so adored the delicate flavour of seafood, he sought out a light, clean smoke appropriate for fish. He invented these bisquettes and called them Pacific Blend. And he's such a salty devil, his invention also works with fish from the Atlantic, Caribbean, Arctic, Indian and Antarctic oceans. Just make sure you use these bisquettes in one of the Bradley smokers that we sell. In the event that you find yourself fishless, fear not. This blend also favours poultry, wild turkey, vegetables, and cheese.
  • Pecan - Think WILD, as in the taste of wild boar. Made of pecan, which is a cousin to hickory wood, these bisquettes merge perfectly with wild boar. Should you be reluctant to go after these vicious, tusked brutes, then waft your pork, beef, venison and poultry in pecan smoke. (Just make sure you do it in a manly way.)
  • Special Blend - Their specially formed blend has a distinct flavor that is mild enough for any dish.
  • Whiskey Oak - Think LUSH as in a rich, full flavour. That's what you get from these bisquettes made from hand selected, solid oak whiskey barrels. The flavour is recommended for use with beef, wild game, pork and wild turkey. Or, if you're aurally oriented, think: Moo, Screech, Oink-oink, Gobble-gobble and Smack-smack. (This last SFX is the sound of your guests devouring the fare you just smoked for them.)

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