Weber Charcoal Briquettes - 20 lb

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Yes, even Weber now have their own charcoal to offer to you. But, Weber doesn't just offer you any sort of traditional charcoal. Instead, they've package a bag full of 100% hardwood briquettes which are consistently sized the same. 

Weber Charcoal Briquettes are ideal for long cooks as they naturally burn longer and hotter than most briquettes out there. They are even packaged within a resealable bag! No longer will the rain damper your charcoal grilling days (which should truly be every day).

  • Blend of 100% hardwoods compiled into briquettes
  • Consistent sizing throughout the bag - that also means less waste in the bag!
  • Great for extra long cooks due to the long burning times - smoking, grilling, it's perfect for all of it
  • Packaged in a resealable bag to protect the briquettes from Mother Nature
  • One bag holds 20 lbs worth of Weber goodness

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