35th Birthday Sale

Birthday Sale long  

This Saturday, in complete disregard of our accountant’s advice, we are, once again having our annual ‘Birthday Sale’.  If you know us at all you’ll know we don’t go in much for ‘sales’ – we try to give ALL of our customers the best possible price for the entire year – not just on Boxing Day and long weekends.  However, we’ve been doing this ‘Birthday Sale’ thing for so long now that we don’t really know how to stop.  This year, because it’s our 35th birthday, we’re featuring all barbecue accessories at 35% off our already low prices (get it? -  35% off on our 35th birthday? – wait until we turn 40: we’ll go bankrupt AND have a mid-life crisis…).  This discount is GREAT news for all you cooking enthusiasts out there but it’s BAD news for our accountant and, since we have to work with him – not you – all year long, we’re only going to offer this discount for one day:  This Saturday August 9th,2014


 Here are the rules:

 In Calgary we’re going to have our hunky pals from the Firefighter’s Burn Treatment Centre on-hand cooking delicious smokies in return for a donation towards their Burn Unit Foundation.  These guys have been involved with our birthday sale from the start and we appreciate having them with us.  Please take all the money you save in our birthday sale and turn around and give it to them.  

  3043_498345516847649_349900863_n   In Ontario, both stores will be serving up hot dogs and pop for a donation to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, another organization we have been supporting for years.  

Sat_Sale Offer is for this Saturday only:  We’d love to see you Sunday too but, by then, the birthday sale will be over. The 35% discount is on ALL barbecue accessories that are in-store on Saturday.  No rain cheques.  No special orders.  No store transfers.  

sale tag binoculars BEWARE:  You might spot some other great discounts throughout the store. See something you like? Don’t let it out of your sight because these are one-of-a-kind items or the last of its kind and may not be in-stock in our other stores. (Recall the no store transfer rule above)    

The fine print: All offers are in-store only (sorry, online customers and digital shut-ins: you’re going to have to find a way to get to a store). Barbecue accessories does not include charcoal, propane tanks, parts or gas fittings.