Barbecue Conversions - Can And Should You Do It

In backyards and barbecue stores from coast to coast, there rages an endless, eternal debate, an argument as old as time:

Can and should I convert my barbecue to a different gas type?

There's always the option of getting a new grill, but maybe forking out that chunk of change isn't realistic because you were saving up for a some new patio furniture and you'll be darned if you're using those same threadbare cushions all summer long.

Maybe you won't have to! Read on to learn more about converting your barbecue.

How Converting Your Barbecue Works

Converting your barbecue is pretty straight forward, and often includes the following steps. 

    • Changing the units manifold along with the orifices to match the desired gas
    • Changing the hose to alter the type of gas it is capable of burning
    • Making sure all connections are secure and running a quick leak test to make sure the unit is safe to use

It's not rocket science, but it's definitely not child's play, either. That's why we ALWAYS recommend having a licensed gas fitter perform a barbecue conversion.


Barbecues Galore Staff Member Looking at Open and Lit Barbecue

So Can You Convert Your Barbecue?

The way a barbecue is converted can depend on which brand of barbecue you own. Some have pre-made kits, others have individual parts that need to be purchased, while some brands don't allow conversions all together.

The easiest way for to determine if your barbecue can be converted is to contact us with a quick email including your unit's model number and serial number.

With this information, we can determine if your unit has the ability to be converted as well as what potential parts would be needed.

Technician Working On Barbecue

Should You Convert You Barbecue?

We get this question a lot, as well as common variants such as whether or not the process is safe, or if your barbecue will lose any performance after the conversion.

Short answer: As long as the conversion is done properly by a licensed technician with the correct parts, it is completely safe and there is no drop off in performance.

Propane and natural gas operate at different pressures, which is why you can't just slap on a hose and burn whatever gas you want (If only it was that easy).  As long as the manifold and orifices match the corresponding gas, it will burn at its optimum output.

Barbecue Conversions And Your Warranty

One thing a barbecue conversion can effect is the warranty. 

This isn't always the case, but some brands do void the warranty on your unit should it be converted. Now it's not the end of the world, but it is always something to keep in mind.

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Contact Us To Learn More About Converting Your Barbecue

If you have any more questions in regard to converting your barbecue, please Contact Us or stop by your local Barbecues Galore and we can answer all of your questions.