Barbecues Galore Barbecue Book 2020

The Barbecue Book is FINALLY here

The 2020 Barbecues Galore Barbecue Book is here (finally) and we're excited to share it with you, Canada. It was a little delayed this year, you know, with the pandemic and all - but we're glad it's finally in your hands (virtually - because we want to keep you safe).

Come On In

This year we are only releasing the catalog online, so if you know anyone that's anxiously waiting for it - send them the link, it's free (and we all know, the best things in life are free). Come on in and check out the products in person at one of our five locations in Calgary, Burlington, Oakville, and Toronto (Etobicoke), or shop online (you're already on our website).

Pricing & Availability

Please note: the prices in the catalog can differ (more or less) from the prices online or in-store at anytime. We will not price-match the catalog, as it becomes outdated once price has changed in-store or online. While some barbecues do say "sold out" - there may be more or less that are sold out in-store. Please call your closest Barbecues Galore store to find out if the one you want is available. 

Enjoy! Make sure to click the image below to see the entire catalog experience (it's very exciting).

The Official Barbecue Book 2020...

Barbecues Galore 2020 Barbecue Book