Canada’s Worst Barbecue Contest – 2013: The Final Chapter

Canada's Worst Barbecue Contest 2013

Welcome to our tenth-annual (and final) ‘Canada’s Worst Barbecue’ contest.  Through the past nine years we have put our eyes on some truly horrific pictures of barbecues and their owners.  We expect this year to be the nastiest ever.

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Email a picture of you and your barbecue to
That’s it?  Yes, that’s it.  If you want some bonus points you can send us a short description of the barbecue in question.  Or a limerick.  Or a haiku.  Maybe a sonnet.  But, let’s be clear about this, it’s the picture that wins or loses it for you.

Here are some suggestions:

  1.  See back there how we said “you and your barbecue”.  Not “you without your barbecue”.  Not “your barbecue without you”.  Both of you – it’s a team sport.  You can email us a picture of the barbecue only, feel free; but you won’t win the contest.  Now, to be completely honest, the person in the picture doesn’t have to be you.  It could be anybody.  It could be a group of anybodies.  In fact, we’re not that fussy about species - it can be any mammal.  Or bird.  Reptile even.  But, don’t send us a picture of a barbecue without some sort of critter in the picture if you want to win the contest.  If you do, we won’t contact you and belittle you but, believe me, around the water cooler here at work, there will be considerable derision of you and your contest-entry skills.

  2. If the quality of the picture is as bad as the quality of the barbecue, you probably won’t win the contest.  We’re pretty relaxed around here but we’re still suckers for little things like composition, adequate lighting and focus.  Over the years, we have had lots of entries that would have won the contest – except the pictures themselves were murky, out of focus or just generally crappy.

  3. Please send large size picture files.  We want to be able to view them in a large size and maybe print them in our catalogue and/or website.

  4. One submission per contestant only please.

  5. If you want to see some of the submissions from last year’s contest and the eventual winner, click here.


  1.  All submissions need to be emailed to us by July 31th,  2013.  Winners will be announced August 2nd.

  2. The winner of the contest will be selected by our experienced, impartial and hyper-qualified cabal of judges.  This year our prize is, once-again a ‘humdinger’ (industry term – look it up).  Thanks to Broil King  you could an Imperial XL (that just sounds big doesn’t it?). A retail value of $1699.99.  Pretty good eh?  The prize needs to be picked up at any one of our four stores and you should expect to have your picture taken by us when you show up for your prize.  We love that whole “before and after” concept.

  3. By submitting your picture for the contest you relinquish all rights to fame and fortune via our possible publication of said picture.  We can and will use your picture in various media.  So, if you’re travelling to New York and see the picture you submitted to us featured prominently in Times Square, don’t call us and ask for your ‘cut’.  Mind you, this only pertains to publications for Barbecues Galore.  If you see your picture advertising perfume or weight loss products, give us a call and we’ll work out a deal.