Canada's Best Burger Photo Contest

We Have A Winner! 

After several gruelling hours of deliberation, restless nights filled with dreams of burger photos, our jury has come to an agreement! Congratulations to Trevor Connell from Brampton, Ontario! Third times a charm! 

We were surprised at how few entries we had received a week ago, and over the last seven days our inboxes became flooded with entries. It was worth the nail-biting wait - we received so many great entries this year!

Catch y'all again next year. Can't wait to see the submissions!

Canada's Best Burger Photo Contest Winner 2016


Three little things that, when combined in one awesome high resolution photograph, could win you one of the hottest barbecues around! They say a picture is worth a thousand words but with this contest a picture could be worth a $2600 barbecue. Not sure about you, but that sounds like a better proposition.

Some people like to look at pictures of kids, or puppies.  Some like sunsets, or mountains or celebrities with collagen troubles.  Over here at Barbecues Galore, we like pictures of happy people using their barbecues.  Call us perverts but it’s true.  And, in order to encourage you to send us pictures like that (‘feed the habit’ as it were), we like to offer bribes.

This year, once again, we’re hosting the Canada’s Best Burger Photo Contest in hopes of finding the ultimate burger photo.  Send us a picture that includes: 
1. You.
2. Your barbecue
3. Your burger
..and you could win a super swanky Broil King Imperial XL.

Evan and Lindsay winning the Broil King Imperial XL

Look, we’ll be totally up front with you about this:  it’s not about the burger.   Or should we say, it’s not ALL about the burger.  The burger’s only part of it.  We want you (or some type of chef), your barbecue and the burger.   We need all three of those elements.  See that word back there – “three”?  We mean it.  We don’t want two elements.  Two won’t do.  And one?!  - sending just one will make us snicker at your pathetic contest entering skills.  But we can count to three –trust me on this. 


So, if you’re going to go to the bother of entering – send us a picture of all three elements. And how’s about sending a high quality picture.  That’ll help your chances.  Sure, you can send a picture with part of your thumb over the camera lens.  But, if the next guy sends us a similar picture where we can see everything, we’re probably going to pick his over yours - right?  Wouldn’t you?

2015 winner of the Best Burger Photo Contest

Last year's winner - Any disagreement can be overcome by a good burger... and a Super Soaker.

Keep in mind that we’re not some monolithic, soul-destroying, box store that funnels all its profits out of Canada and has trillions of entrants for every little contest they hold for a single toaster across their chain of 600 stores.  No sir, we’re legit.  We’ve got four stores, we’re giving away a SUPER nice barbecue and, in the past, we usually get less than a hundred entries for our contest.  So, you do the math, is it worth your effort to snap a few digital pictures or not?  As they say:  fight apathy – or don’t.  Whatever.

You can check out our Facebook album for inspiration. 

Canada's Best Burger Photo Contest Rules:

  • Take a photo of you, your barbecue and your burger (remember: must include ALL three)
  • Send your photo to no later than July 31st, 2016
    • Only one entry per contestant so make sure you do your very best
  • No stock photos please. We will verify the authenticity of all submissions.
  • Check this page frequently to scope out the competition
  • Take a deep breath when you wake up August 3rd and check your inbox to see if you are the lucky winner of the Broil King Imperial XL
  • By submitting your photo to the contest you are authorizing Barbecues Galore (that's us) to use your photo in future marketing pieces, our retail catalogue, our website and our social media profiles.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Winner must pick up the barbecue from one of our four retail locations