Copy of Barbecue Assembly & Delivery in Toronto, Calgary, and The GTA | Barbecues Galore (old version)

Sit Back & Relax. Our Barbecue Butlers Will Handle The Heavy Lifting.

Barbecue Butler Service Only From Barbecues Galore

With our Barbecue Butler service you can enjoy stress-free assembly and full-service delivery.
You never have to worry about tinkering with tools, or someone stealing your hope and happiness from the side of the curb, again.

For a reasonable fee, our assembly team will eliminate the time, errors, and stress spent trying to build a barbecue yourself. Our local customers can take advantage of our good looks and exceptional skills in Calgary, Alberta and Oakville, Etobicoke and Burlington, Ontario. See prices at check out.


Have a drink and enjoy the view. Us, we are the view.

Our Barbecue Butlers will build you a fresh barbecue before your delivery or your pick up. This keeps it nice and safe from any scratches, damage, or general mishaps, making sure you can get to grilling without any issues. Once your barbecue is built, your builder then takes it through a rigorous inspection phase, detailed below:

Test-Fire: Every burner is ignited to make sure each one is functional. Propane and natural gas models only.

Leak Test: All connections are tested for gas leaks, to make sure the unit is safe for you and your home. Propane and natural gas models only.

Check List: We look for scratches, dents, dings or anything that might have slipped during the initial process in our customized 18-point checklist.

You get this check list with your barbecue too! 

 Before it drops into your hands, one more look is done by a senior builder to ensure everything is just right for you.

 Barbecue Butler assembling and test-firing a brand new barbecue bought at Barbecues Galore's location in Calgary or the Greater Toronto Area


Unlike the vanishing act many stores perform during a delivery service, Barbecues Galore will not leave your precious new grill sitting in the sun, scared and alone, unsure if its purpose of providing you with mouthwatering meals will ever be fulfilled. 

Barbecues Galore offers delivery services for all patio furniture and barbecues in our local district across in Calgary, Alberta and the Greater Toronto Area in Etobicoke, Oakville and Burlington

Our team of two freshly scrubbed delivery personnel are excited to bring you your new barbecue. Want us to deliver your patio set? How about that 13 foot patio umbrella? Can't fit your new fire pit in your trunk? No sweat, we got it.

We deliver to CalgaryEtobicokeOakville and Burlington. and surrounding areas of the GTA, like Mississauga and Hamilton. Send us your questions here.

Shop barbecues, built-in grills and outdoor kitchens here.


We can take away your old barbecue at the same time as delivering your new one for a small pickup fee. Your old barbecue will be recycled and the annoying task of lugging it to a recycling plant or the dump is taken outta your hands.


Buying a natural gas barbecue for delivery? For a small additional charge, we can hook your barbecue up to the gas line when we deliver - as long as your current set up is up to code.

Our delivery teams have a licensed gas fitter on the truck, so we can get you grilling faster. They'll even perform a leak test to make sure it's safe to use.

For more information on Barbecues Galore's gas services in Alberta and The Greater Toronto Area,  see here. Unsure whether your barbecue is to code? Show us a photo of your natural gas set up when you're booking your delivery.


We’re also happy to help you turn your patio into a perfect backyard paradise by assembling all forms of outdoor furniture sold here at Barbecues Galore, along with post-build cleanup. When it comes to creating a comfortable backyard, you can expect a lot of wrapping and cardboard and an uncomfortable waste management and assembly process. We can do all this for you and put together any final touches. Shop our patio tables, lounge chairs, umbrellas and more here.


Barbecue & Accessory Delivery for Online Orders

If you're ordering online then our shipping method is a bit different. If you live in our local  delivery area (Calgary, Etobicoke, Oakville  or Burlington ) and would like full-service delivery, then give us a call after placing your order and we can arrange it. We will then collect the payment for the difference.

If you live outside of Calgary, Alberta or the Greater Toronto Area we will charge a different fee to come to you. Again, give us a call and we would be happy to work with you. Please note, Barbecue Butler orders may take longer to be delivered depending on current booking status (during barbecue season, we may be booking 1-3 weeks ahead).