Deal of the Week

This Week's Deal of the Week:

Hearth Pro Three-Fold Fireplace Screen with Brass Trim

Regular Price: $44.99

DOTW Price: $22.50

Ends Monday October 16th! 

Deal of the Week Fireplace Screen



When Spring comes we get very excited. Spring means we get to see more of our grillfriends (aka you!). We love you and want to see you more often.  Until we get our medical marijuana license (“Dr. Barbecue-Bud is ready to see you”), we figure the best way to encourage repeat traffic is to straight-up bribe you. 

So every two weeks, during the spring and summer, we offer a different unbeatable deal. Low, low prices on integral barbecue accessories. You’ll have to visit us online or in-store to see what’s new this week

Check this page frequently to see what's on special. A new deal to be had every other Monday.