Delivery Service

A "Delivery" service can range from store to store.  Some stores will only bring the product to the end of your drive way or your front door.  That's not the Barbecues Galore way though.  We offer an extensive delivery service that is hard to match.  

Our team of two strapping young rugged delivery personnel won't just plop your purchase at the end of your driveway and hightail it out of there. They'll place it exactly where you want it at your home, do a test fire, show you how to use it and show you a few maintenance tips while they're at it! We also take away your old unit for you for recycling should you wish!

 Looking for a patio, firetable or umbrella delivery? No problem, we do that too!  Whatever product you need delivered, we can properly place the product and give you a demonstration on how it works. (The guys love demonstrating how to sit in those comfortable patio cushions!)


Buying a natural gas barbecue or firetable for delivery? We can hook it up to your gas line when we deliver- providing your gas line is up to code. Yes, we're licensed, and our delivery team has a licensed gas fitter on the truck so we can get you grilling quicker!  They'll even leak test your fittings to make sure it's safe to use.