Electric Fireplaces


Electric fireplaces are perfect for new homes, cottages, high-rise apartment buildings, condominiums, or anywhere you want the look of a fireplace in an easy-to-install package. For a glimpse at our selection of electric fireplaces please follow this link: http://www.barbecuesgalore.ca/products/electric-fireplaces/


They’re easy to install and require very little maintenance.

Dimplex Belvedere Electric Fireplace with Mantel

Fake is out. Real is in. These units have realistic flames and, as you will see, they have the classic good looks of a real fireplace. Some models operate on regular 120V household current. Others are wired with optional systems ranging from 110 to 240V. Choose the 240V option, and your fireplace becomes a heater producing up to 10,000 BTUs!


There are two first steps that we suggest to our customers.

  1. We encourage you to visit the links, on the right, to our approved electric fireplace suppliers. Take a good look at just how attractive and how real these fireplaces look. Read some of the information that’s provided and you’ll see: some of them are surprisingly easy to install.
  2. Then come down to one of our stores and talk to a WOODS fireplace expert. We’ve been installing fireplaces for 60 years and we have some insights and suggestions to help make your project go as easy as it should.


Some electric fireplaces are self-standing and can literally be positioned against almost any wall. Most of these models even have a standard three-prong plug-in so you don’t have to do any electrical work. You just … plug them in. The models that are designed to be built into the wall like a conventional fireplace will have to be properly enclosed – so design and framing will be required. For this, you or your contractor will need the relevant specifications of your chosen fireplace. You will also need to have some electrical connections installed. These must be done by a qualified electrician and be safety code inspected by your municipality. Once inspected and approved, the fireplace enclosure can then be finished in a style that matches your décor.

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