Fireplace FAQ: Fireplace Initial Burn Off

So you've done the hard part - choosing which gorgeous Valor gas fireplace will warm your home for decades.

You've picked out the fireplace trim and surround that matches your decor.

You had our team of highly-skilled, fully-licensed fireplace installers come out and get it installed.

Now, it's there is just one last step before you can begin using that sexy, sexy fireplace.

How To Burn Off Your Gas Fireplace

When you first have a gas fireplace installed, it's important to do a 'burn off'. This helps to burn off any oils and residue from the manufacturing process.

Just like cooking oil, sometimes a bit of smoke (and a not so pleasant smell is created. This is normal. 

Fireplace FAQ: How to do an initial burn off of your gas fireplace 


Gas Fireplace Initial Burn Off Process

  • Turn on your new Valor fireplace. Crank that baby on high.
  • Crack open as many windows as you can, there will be smoke and it will smell. 
  • Head over to the neighbour's for an hour or two. Studies show that bringing wine or beer will make them more inclined to host you.
  • Head on back home to your beautiful gas fireplace that is now ready to use year-round.
  • The burn off may leave some residue on the inside glass of the fireplace. If this happens, once the fireplace has cooled down, remove the glass and clean it using some fireplace glass cleaner. 


This quick video will help explain the fireplace burn off process: