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Mallin Outdoor Furniture

Proudly Selling Mallin Patio Furniture for over 15 years

Our name may be Barbecues Galore, but did you know that we also sell fireplaces and patio furniture(Barbecues, Fireplaces, Patio Furniture and Grilling Accessories Galore was just waaaaaayy too long to roll off the tongue.)

One of the patio furniture manufacturers we've had the longest standing relationship with is Mallin Casual Furniture out of beautiful Montebello, California.

For over 50 years, they've been turning out some of the highest quality patio furniture the industry has ever seen. They have also developed a knack for fusing comfort and style into their high quality outdoor furniture.

Whether you're looking for a cozy sectional set for your outdoor room, a deep seating patio collection (you can never go wrong with traditional chairs & a sofa or loveseat), or a cast aluminum dining table with sling chairs for entertaining, Mallin makes it all...And Barbecues Galore offers it all. Now with 5 locations across Canada, we are your patio furniture destination.

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2018 Mallin Furniture
At Barbecues Galore

Our 2018 Mallin lineup is probably one of the most diverse we've offered in years.

Choose from a curated collection of both modern and traditional, slim frames or more robust sets, and lots of gorgeous Sunbrella fabrics to finish them off. 

Dakoda: Deep Seating Sectional

In our experience, modern looking patio furniture looks nice but can be a bit uncomfortable (all those straight angles). This set, through the magic of ‘science’ is both contemporary looking AND incredibly comfortable. A rare combination.

The Mallin Dakoda outdoor sectional collection allows you to mix and match various pieces to suit your outdoor space and guest list. The combinations are endless!

Currently available with Glimmer Grey frame and Trax Smoke Sunbrella Fabric.

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Albany: Sling Dining Collection

You know when you find that perfect shirt and you buy it in as many colours as it comes in? Well the Albany dining collection is like that for us. Only we just keep buying the same exact one year after year. This year, however, we branched out. Our staple Autumn Rust chair with Augustine Fennel sling was joined by a Black Frame and Augustine Pewter sling. 

With it's waterfall edge, these chairs won't dig into your legs while you sit in them. Instead, you'll be so comfortable, you won't want to get up. Ever. That's why we dig this set. 

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Oslo: Modern Deep Seating Collection

With a slimmer profile than a lot of deep seating sets on the market, the new Oslo collection features a narrow, yet sturdy cast aluminum frame juxtaposed by luxuriously lofty cushions. The ultimate in outdoor comfort, without taking up your entire space.

Available with Black frame and gorgeous Amalia Stone Sunbrella fabric, this pattern gives a subtle textured look for a touch of character. 

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Madeira: Sectional Collection

Sectional patio furniture has been increasingly popular in our stores. Boy, that Dakoda set is just a studly crowd pleaser. For 2018, we decided to bring in a second sectional collection to give you choice. Choice is actually one of the best features of a sectional set, as you can choose the configuration that best suits your space.

Stocked in a black frame with Demo Fog Sunbrella fabric, this set is designed to look fantastic in any outdoor space. 

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Georgetown: Deep Seating Collection

Thick, robust aluminum frames are the highlight of this traditional style deep seating set. Highlighted by the thick, robust cushions Mallin is known for. You do know that Mallin is synonymous with comfort right? If not, you do now. (That's a fact, Jack.)

Available in two, high-quality, Sunbrella fabrics for the 2018 Patio Season. The super suave Abbott Char features a smoky grey grid pattern, while the Boss Tweed II Stone is on the lighter side of the spectrum with a subtle Herringbone pattern.

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