Natural Gas Stoves

It’s hard to imagine George Jetson ever picking up an axe to chop wood to stoke the Jetsons’ wood-burning stove. If George had his way, he would much rather have a natural gas stove where he could push a button on his remote control to bring a roaring fire and radiant heat to his pad.

If you’re more George than, say, Grizzly Adams, WOODS has the solution for you. Natural gas stoves have become an increasingly popular heating choice because of their efficiency, charming good looks, and ease of use and installation.

Valor Madrona Natural Gas Stove


We recommend that you start by choosing a well-built, quality gas stove from one of our proven suppliers. We have some models in store but have access to a complete selection of some of the best flame-throwers in North America. Our fireplace experts will happily discuss the best option for you, while advising you on proper installation and venting requirements. At WOODS, we have certified gas fitters that will guarantee approval by municipal safety inspectors.


Now that you’ve picked a stove, there are four easy steps for adding the warmth and charm of a gas stove to your home:

1.  Stove location and vent location  (done by you or your contractor) Pick a spot in your home in desperate need of heat and character. An in-home estimator will assist with the rest by confirming clearances and venting locations at no charge or obligation.

2.  Stove and venting installation (done by WOODS) When your stove and vent locations are confirmed, we will deliver and install the natural gas stove of your choice. Our installers are certified gas fireplace experts, and will also take care of the venting and/or Santa chute.

3.  Safety code inspection (done by your municipality) WOODS will arrange for a municipal inspector to confirm that the stove and venting installations are safe and meet local building codes. (Not required in Ontario)

4.  Finishing touches (done by you or your contractor) Once you have your inspection certificate, you can start warming up those winter nights.


    Your gas stove project starts at WOODS. Come and talk to one of our fireplace specialists, as we can help you find a stove that gives your home the look you want. We’ll guide you through the process and help you develop a plan for what needs to be done. Now if only we had flying cars…