Toronto Barbecue Enthusiasts Are In Luck

Are you a lost Toronto barbecue lover? Shopping for a Barbecue in Toronto, but don't know where to get the most diversity and models to compare? Worried a big box store won't give you in depth, accurate or expert advice? 

Barbecue Stores - Toronto Residents Flocking to Burlington
If you're not a discerning barbecue buyer you might find the experience of a big box store perfectly acceptable. But true aficionados want expertise, and they want to exchange technique and stories. A pitmaster or backyard badass want  the option of high end brands not sold at the local all-purpose store that lumps in household supplies or local home improvement accessories. 

They want to talk to a barbecue sales guy who knows the ins and outs of barbecues and can suggest tried and true parts, accessories and fuel. There may be a few other specialty stores around the Burlington, Oakville and Etobicoke area of course, but at Barbecues Galore we have what we call barbecue IQ. This level of knowledge and barbecue genius is only found in five places in the country…Calgary North, Calgary South, Burlington, Oakville and Etobicoke--- our locations.

Maybe you'll find Broil King barbecue in Toronto barbecue stores. In Toronto, you'll find stores that sell charcoal, propane, and gas barbecues. Toronto sells a lot of outdoor supplies, too. But they don't necessarily have the expertise to help you pick the right high end barbecue for your needs.

Barbecue Stores in Toronto Don't Measure Up
Burlington isn't too long of a drive from Toronto and it can be worth it versus having a frustrating experience not finding the barbecue in Toronto you want. That's why so many people in Southern Ontario forego the Barbecue stores in Toronto and head to Burlington or Oakville.

The experts at Barbecues Galore know barbecues intimately. They've been specializing in the market since the 1970's and hire the best industry experts around. This translates to a wide selection and plenty of product knowledge. This also means that you'll be able to get parts and accessories for higher end barbecues.

Toronto and Burlington residents as well as people in surrounding areas continue to choose Barbecues Galore for a great reason --- we know barbecues and we strive to help you get the best grilling experience possible!