Outdoor Fireplaces


When the sun goes down, the flames are rising up in outdoor fireplaces across the country. Not only are they adding a romantic ambience to outdoor entertaining; they’re also warming up the night and extending the ‘warm season’ of our all-too-short summers. Available in propane, natural gas or wood burning models, these fireplaces are attractive additions to your backyard or patio. There’s even a model appropriate for rooftops and terraces. They’re constructed mostly of weatherproof stainless steel. They offer many of the features of indoor fireplaces – instant on, fan driven warm air circulation and compact venting/chimney hook-ups.



Outdoor fireplaces are not freestanding. Like indoor fireplaces, they are designed to be presented in the hearth structure of your choice – be it traditional brick, modern stone, California stucco or whatever else you choose. As gas appliances and as log burning heaters, these fireplaces are subject to local safety codes and certain bylaws. You will require the services of certified gas fitters and/or certified wood fireplace installers as part of your project team. And yes, all of our fireplace installers are properly certified.

All of our models are available in Natural Gas or Propane. Barbecues Galore will install the gas line for these and install them if required, however installation does not include running electrical or trenching the line. 



The Regency series of outdoor fireplaces is called the Plateau series. This series includes open fire pits and fire tables, but the outdoor fireplace models are the HZ060. If you are  interested in a see-thru option, Regency does have a kit for it. 

The Plateau series has multiple media available including crushed glass, glass beads, volcanic stones and a driftwood kit. The stainless steel trim is standard as is the electric ignition system with weatherproof on/of switch. 


Napoleon has a few outdoor fireplace options. Unlike their indoor line of hearth products, we can order their outdoor line. The outdoor models include: 

'Galaxy' Series

This is a linear style of fireplace which is also available as a see-thru version. The standard unit comes with the 'Topaz' glass media kit and lights. There are other glass colours available for purchase, as well as rock and driftwood options. Other options include the four-sided stainless steel trim and the stainless steel cover plate. 

'Riverside Series' 

In the Riverside series, there are two traditional log fireplaces to choose from: the Riverside 42 and Riverside 36. There is also a contemporary and compact model called the Riverside 'Torch'.


Unlike the Regency and Napoleon outdoor fireplaces, the Valor is a sealed unit and requires venting and overhang.   To convert a Valor fireplace to outdoor, the GV60CKO is required- this is an outdoor receiver box. All Valor gas fireplaces (excluding inserts and stoves), are outdoor convertible. The benefits of the Valor is that it will provide more heat than other brands. 


These models are available in a slim or deep box design and are 40", 50", 60", or 88" in width. 


- We suggest that you visit one of our stores and talk to a WOODS fireplace specialist. He or she can help you appreciate the scope of your project so you can proceed in the most productive manner.

- You will likely engage a contractor or a tradesperson to prepare the hearth for fireplace insertion. We can help with this part of the project by providing the necessary specifications and requirements.

- We will come to your home and provide a detailed estimate for our certified personnel to deliver, install, set up and properly vent your fireplace. We will also arrange for the safety inspection.

- Once inspected and approved, you can proceed with the finishing touches … and begin warming up the night in your own backyard.