Wood Burning Stoves

Nothing beats the snap, crackle, and pop of a wood-burning stove. The snap of a furious fire, the crackle of wood, and the pop of scent you get from smouldering wood brings you back to a wonderful place in time defined by warmth and hot chocolate.

At WOODS, you can make this dream a reality by visiting us in our Alberta or Ontario showrooms. Armed with only the best wood stoves, we can show you how to heat up your home and jazz up your ambiance with the latest and greatest selection of potbellies around.


We recommend that you start by choosing a well-built, quality wood stove from one of our proven suppliers. We have some models in store but access to a wide selection. Our fireplace experts will happily discuss the best option for you, while advising you on proper installation and venting requirements. At WOODS, we have certified installers that will guarantee approval by municipal safety inspectors.



Now that you’ve picked a stove, there are four easy steps for adding the warmth and charm of a wood stove to your home:

  1. Stove location and vent location (done by you or your contractor) Pick a spot in your home in desperate need of heat and character. An in-home estimator will assist with the rest by confirming clearances and venting locations at no charge or obligation. 

  2. Stove and chimney installation (done by WOODS) When your stove and chimney locations are confirmed and prepared, we will deliver and install the stove of your choice. Our installers are certified wood fireplace installers* so they will also install the chimney.  

  3. Safety code inspection (done by your municipality) WOODS will arrange for a municipal inspector* to confirm that the stove and chimney installations are safe and meet local building codes.

  4. Finishing touches (done by your or your contractor) 

    Once you have your inspection certificate, you can start warming up those winter nights.

* Some steps vary by province. Check with your local store.


Your wood stove project starts at WOODS. Come and talk to one of our fireplace specialists, as we can help you find a stove that gives your home the look you want. We’ll guide you through the process and help you develop a plan for what needs to be done. The only thing left for you to do is to chop some wood and get ready to stare endlessly into the fire.