Anvil 25" Wrought Iron Wood Cradle Log Grate

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Get your wood off of the floor! You’ve got to keep it elevated, am I right? This wood cradle can help with just that. By using this in your wood burning fireplace, you’ll be making fire-scientists from across the globe ever so happy. You see, putting the wood on the log grate promotes the flow of oxygen throughout the chimney. Moreover, this will increase combustion and give your fireplace a little more oomph.

Overall, you’ll be improving your own wood burning fireplace while also pleasing those fire-scientists. It’s a win-win. Seriously though, don’t try to go against those fire-scientists. They study fire for a living!

  • Grate will keep the logs elevated from the ground to promote the flow of oxygen and increase combustion – or rather: Fire big! Fire hot!
  • 3/4" solid iron construction
  • Grate too big for you? Downsize and go for a 19” or 22” grate instead.
  • Keep it sleek and simple with the black powder coated finish
  • Assembly is free! (Because there is no assembly...)

When determining which size to purchase for your fireplace consider these tips

  • Should sit roughly 3-4" from the back wall of the fireplace
  • Should sit 3-5" away from either side wall of the fireplace
  • Make sure that the cradle does not protrude your fireplace cavity or obstruct any doors or screens

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