Big Boy Kamado Large 21" Charcoal Grill

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Exclusive to Barbecues Galore & New for 2017!

Like Chris Farley's Fat Guy in a Little Coat scene from Tommy Boy, this Big Boy is here to show off his guns. We call this masterpiece The New Black - just think of Chris Farley again, but this time picture him in his not-so-sneaky outfit from Beverly Hills Ninja.

The Big Boy Kamado Large features a 21" diameter cooking surface - that means you'll be loaded with 346 square inches of total grilling space! So yes... It's even as big as dear ol' Chris Farley.

This Big Boy Charcoal Grill is equipped with its Adaptive Cooking System. This versatile system allows you to use its half-moon stainless steel cooking grids to create multi-tiered cooking zones. Adding to that, this Big Boy also includes the composite side shelves, as well as the incredibly good lookin' stainless steel stand. For the cherry topper, it even comes with a free cover, ash tool, and grill gripper. Yup, it's quite the package deal for such a Big Boy. 

Note: If you didn't understand any of the Chris Farley references, then you are hereby court-ordered to watch all of his films within the next 24 hours (trust us, they're great - especially when you're living in a van down by the river)

  • We call this one "The New Black" - not because there was a problem with the old black... but because it sounds 100% more sexy this way
  • This large 21” grill offers a whopping 346 square inches of grilling space - that's about 80" larger than most other Large Kamado Charcoal Grills!
  • Ceramic fire bowl, fire ring, and shell offer maximum heat retention and temperature control - great for fuel-efficiency
  • Adaptive Cooking System introduces dual-level cooking tiers with its half-moon stainless steel cooking grates
  • Two half-moon heat deflector plates (a must-have in all Kamado cookers)
  • Extra-durable, stainless steel bands, hinge system, and cart ensures a rust-free life
  • Includes composite side shelves - trust us, you'll need this prep space (and, if you don't, well then they fold down with ease)
  • Commercial-grade thermometer mounted to the lid
  • Cast iron top damper paired with the bottom damper makes it simple to adjust the air supply and temperature
  • Equipped with a stainless steel stand to keep this Big Boy right where you want it (and, might we add, is one sweet lookin' stand)
  • Includes a free ash tool, grill gripper, and a protective cover - the accessories you would have had to purchase anyways!
  • Also available as the Less-Large 13" and the More-Large 23" models
  • 5 YEARS: Ceramic components (excludes heat diffuser)
  • 3 YEARS: All metal, stainless steel, and cast iron components, as well as ceramic heat diffusers
  • 1 YEAR: Temperature gauge, gasket and composite side shelves

For instructions on lighting your charcoal check out our Master The Grill Post.

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