Big Boy Kamado More-Large 23" Charcoal Grill

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Have you ever looked at a charcoal grill and thought to yourself, "Wow, this is pretty large... but I wish it was a tad more-large, ya know?" Well, we heard you loud and clear. We introduce to you - the Big Boy Kamado More-Large 23" Charcoal Grill!

The Peppered Indigo, as we've named it, is equipped with everything a Kamado-style cooker needs - all at an incredible value. The complete ceramic shell with its Adaptive Cooking System is unparalleled with its 433 square inches of grilling space. With a charcoal barbecue this large, you'll never be hurting for grilling space.

This Big Boy includes the stainless steel cart, as well as the composite side shelves. To top it off, you will even receive a free ash tool, grill gripper, and an all-season cover. How's that for value-added?

  • We've deemed it the "Peppered Indigo" because it makes it sound 6 times more sexy
  • Extra large 23.5” grill offers 433 square inches of grilling space - go big, or go home, right?
  • Ceramic shell, fire bowl, and fire ring hold in the heat and the moisture to a provide a fuel-efficient grilling experience
  • Adaptive Cooking System allows for a multi-tiered cooking experience (you can never have too much grilling space, right?)
  • Includes a full-sized, stainless steel cooking grid, as well as 2 of the iconic half-moon stainless steel cooking girds (like we said - never too much grilling space)
  • Easily maneuver the two-piece top cooking grill to create different cooking zones
  • Comes with two half-moon heat deflector plates to ensure you can tackle every grilling method in the book
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hinge system, bands, and cart introduce a rust-free lifespan
  • Equipped with two fold-down, composite side shelves
  • Reliable, commercial-grade thermometer
  • Easily adjust the air supply using the bottom or cast iron top damper
  • Includes a free ash tool, grill gripper, and a protective cover (because we love you)
  • The More-Large a tad too big for your liking? Perhaps you'd prefer the Less-Large 13" or the Large 21" models
  • 5 YEARS: Ceramic components (excludes heat diffuser)
  • 3 YEARS: All metal, stainless steel, and cast iron components, as well as ceramic heat diffusers
  • 1 YEAR: Temperature gauge, gasket and composite side shelves

For instructions on lighting your charcoal check out our Master The Grill Post.

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