Big Green Egg Eggcessories

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No outfit is complete without accessories. The same is true for your Big Green Egg. Big Green Egg accessories help you to egg-splore all of the foods you can make on your Big Green Egg. Trust us, you’ll be looking for more reasons to egg-spand your barbecue repertoire.

Most Popular Items

Big Green Egg Plate Setters (ConvEGGtor)

Your Big Green Egg can bake, grill, or be used for indirect cooking. The Plate Setter creates a barrier in between food and fire for even heat distribution. Now your Big Green Egg is a convection oven! Ensures an even cook every time.

Big Green Egg Plate Setter


Big Green Egg Baking/Pizza Stone

The Big Green Egg Pizza Stone enables you to cook breads, pizzas, nachos and even desserts on your Big Green Egg. Even heat distribution lets you bake and ensures even browning.

Half Moon Baking Stone Also Available

Big Green Egg Baking Stone Pizza Stone


Big Green Egg Ash Tool 

When using charcoal, it leaves behind tiny pieces of ash. Those tiny pieces build up and need to be cleaned out. The ash tools enables you to easily remove ash build up from the bottom of your Big Green Egg.

Big Green Egg Ash Tool


Big Green Egg Sittin Chicken/ Sittin Turkey

This roaster holds liquid and adds flavour to the inside of your turkey. Pour any beverage into the ceramic holder and let the juices steam into your meat from the inside out.

Big green Egg Sittin Chicken

Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Lighter

If you like ignition at the click of a finger, then try our Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Starter. This handy device, with a heat resistant handle, will have you cooking in minutes without even striking a match!

Big Green Egg Electric Charcoal Starter



Big Green Egg Ash Pan

If you're using natural lump charcoal, you know it produces very little ash and requires minimal clean-up. But when you do need to clean out your charcoal cooker, make your life even easier and use the EGG Ash Pan.

Big Green Egg Ash Pan

Big Green Egg Grill Extender 

Take your Egg to a whole new level. As the name suggests, the Big Green Egg Grill Extender extends your grilling area by adding an extra level of grilling surface.

 Big Green Egg Grill Extender