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The Big Green Egg family has all sorts of shapes and sizes to it. They've got Big Ol' Bessie, and even Tiny Tim. The size you're looking at right now? Well, that's the Small Slam-jammin' Sammy. 

Although all of those names have nothing to do with the Big Green Egg family, we can pretty much confirm that they offer quite the number of sizes. The small sized egg is ideal for small patios or balconies where anything bigger just wouldn't work. The small is also great for individuals who already own a larger sized egg or barbecue, and simply want to expand their cooking horizons. 

The double walled ceramic used within Big Green Egg products is legendary. It has the ability to hold in extremely high temperatures without any concerns. It even holds a lifetime warranty to keep you worry-free as you test its limits. 

  • Small, compact & efficient but HUGE on flavour
  • 133 sq in cooking area - about 4 burgers or chicken breasts
  • Ideal temperatures can be held between 200 degrees to over 750 degrees
  • Can be used all year round - so get out there in the snow!
  • Ceramic double walled construction keeps the heat in and the cool air out
  • Easy fit for small patios and balconies
  • Often used in addition to larger eggs for preparing multiple courses
  • Unused charcoal can be hoarded and used for future cooks - quite the money saver, ain't it?

For instructions on lighting your charcoal check out our Master The Grill post

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