Bradley Cover For 6-Rack Smoker



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Do you leave your child outside in the dark when it’s raining without any sort of cover? Of course you don’t. That would be cruel and unusual. Now, think of your Bradley Smoker as your better child, the one who contributes more by making you deliciously smoked goods. 

Would you provide a cover for the better child? That’s right, you would! So cover up your Bradley Smoker with one of their weather resistant covers. Please note that this cover is not a substitute for a rain jacket for your real human children. Although it may be funny, that still qualifies as cruel and unusual.

  • Perfect fit for your 6-Rack Digital Bradley Smoker
  • Protects against wind, snow, and rain (but only when you actually put it on your smoker, don’t forget!)
  • Bradley Smokers logo featured on cover so your smoker still looks great even when covered
  • Cover for Bradley 4-Rack Smokers also available

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