Brander Barbecue Beacon Flexible LED Grill Light

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A new dawn and age of barbecuing has begun. No longer will we have to grill in the dark of night. Today, we offer you the greatest invention of all time - The Barbecue Beacon.

The Barbecue Beacon is a flexible LED grill light which can twist and turn to any configuration, allowing you to shine a light where you need it most. This snake-like fella' is packed with 12 powerful LED lights which are ideal for grilling in the evening. It is even equipped with a strong magnetic base which secures it to most barbecue side shelves (or, anything magnetic in your backyard/balcony). 

Forget those friends of yours who may have those fancy lights built right into their barbecue. All you need is a Barbecue Beacon. To step it up a notch, we suggest you get two Barbecue Beacons. You've got two side shelves, right? That's double the lights, double the coverage, and double the fun.


  • A beacon so bright that you'll be guiding ships right to your grill (so, you know, have the steaks ready)
  • Packed with 12 LED lights which are not only bright - they're efficient!
  • Infinitely flexible design allows you to twist and turn it to any configuration
  • Powerful magnetic base allows you to secure it to most barbecue side shelves (or, anything magnetized - perhaps even the railing on your balcony)
  • Looking for maximum illumination? Grab two Barbecue Beacons - one for each side shelf!
  • Requires 3 Triple-A (AAA) batteries (Not included - we're sorry; still friends?)

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